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Maine's Reminder!!!

""2010 Maine's Reminder ""1) No more Bejewelz!! No Computer Games!2) Byebye Asthma!!3) Less CHoco Sweeties!!!4) Sleep Earlier!!!5) More Reading Less Shopping Days!!!6) Eat Healthy!!! Stop da Junkies!!!Em.....afterall...Expect the Unexpected~ Everything's gona stay da same..hahhaaReminder reminds ppl who always forget things ~ waheeeeeeeee!!! eager for the chorus session dis Sunday! thanks Wdyzzzzzz!!Love.Peace.Smiles~lil'Maine

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bejewelz?!?! really? you're addicted to that?!
about 14 years ago
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4) Sleep Earlier!!! 5) More Reading Less Shopping Days!!! 6) Eat Healthy!!! Stop da Junkies!!! not easy........
about 14 years ago
Photo 49112
this pic is awesome..
about 14 years ago
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looking good!
almost 14 years ago


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