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music's my soulmate~

after the over-nite vocal session taking, kinda tired today.thanks God it's a good first rough take,we are going to refine some of the singing expressions. meanwhile, the guitar session is started. all i've done is  so little. the fun progress of piano n strings' sessions has just begun. may everything goes smooth on my team. my third song of this year is about the bad love exper...Read more

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the greatest thing of all

"The greatest thing You'll ever learn Is just to love And be loved in return"so true~love & blessed,Charmaine

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RTHK Perfect day!

as i'm not a super model figure. haha, dis is my second time for a catwalk charity show.some of the local designers help designing clothes for the oldies, hhaaa,tho i dun think the clothes is their styles..oops sorry! bt stil i luv it much, cos the feather crown made me looks much taller than ever! haha:)thanks to designer Louis, u kool! appreciated ur work! Read more

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love is....

love is a gift from god. somehow i just dun know when to start n where to end. 

every little step taking me to be a better person. it's brave,it's good.

vagueness is imperfectly clear when u dare to love someone true.

angels surrounded~

love & blessed,


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I'm Sorry Mr. Postman!

I owe u an apology for my rudeness yesterday. this is an official sorry letter to Mr. Postman whom i always respect to.wooo..u may feel odd about this, but so... i think this is a little confession blog which i write to myself, if u dun mind, would like to share my lil story  wit u guys.yes..here it goes..i was very much addicted to the online shopping these days, n here is one order which i took  like 2 weeks ago for some  lip tars launched in the UK.due to my mistake in filling the information for the site. i put on my writer'...Read more

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magic spell

i love the ugly truth than the true ugliness. i love it ! i absolutely love it!yes, i have been waiting long for dis. u told me. its from u.it shocked me. i thought i can take it. but tears dun lie.but still, i think its the best to know it from u. no more observation no more guess.u brought the rosy rose, maybe u don't even know. hell knows i love it much than ur barely imagination.wisdom is a strong attack.ma...Read more

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"Won't u Stand" mini mv shoot~

拍攝2nd plug-- "Won't u Stand" mini mv, 當我看到這燈道具,就啍起歌﹣﹣ohhhhhh, my luv my darling...haha!! jus kiding![](/attachments/2010/06/17/12/346301_2010061712030112.jpg)great job Jeff!你的照相技 巧在進步中啦! 加油!兩個我呢,有想法呀。。哈哈,不是笑你啦,除非我是。。。Read more

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y won't u stand?

i'm not a big fan of the Harry Potter,bt i do like the wizard power, cos it gives life some colours. exactly wat music does!there's quite alot of ppl may like to know y " Won't u Stand" as the topic of my second plug now is on air. yea..its come from the idea of the One nite stand,its jus one of the examples. bt actually im not into dis topic. forgive me, im very much against to somek...Read more

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能做自己喜歡的就很好啦.世界有很多小天使! 還有...改掉偏食的習慣會更好,已經不大吃肉好久,但就是不喜歡....算了吧! 這個遲點再改好了...哈哈~


...Read more
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