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Meeh Shop Opening Ceremony~

Congrats to Jim !!!! THIS IS MY MEEH LOOK OF THE NITE:)wana shop  Meeh? --its @ LCX CWB~enjoy~"wit Luv & blessed,lil Maine"

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My honour to share my  2011 new  mandarin song "Dai Tong" here:)its been quite a long while since  i focus on my cantonese writngs~back to the days, my first album was a mandarin one wit  ten tracks . singing in mandarin is always my priority:Dyea...well..~here post the one minute cut, hope u like it:)Read more

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drama shoot gona start next week, dat's reli kool for us,as we know each other for quite a long time, laughters everywhere,this is my first time shoot for tv drama,em...curious about every lil thing.i know its somehow like the skool life style work mode,so...i should bring along wit my skoolbag n acting textbook wit me,haha~Read more

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my i phone app is available! go check it~:P thnx~

massive thanks to FUNG@rednoon, he has been doing alot of work to draft the proposal to the apple's app management~after a month of time, my app is now available! i am so happy to see this coz i would like to share my lastest song writings n mvs asap to u guys:)if u are a i vone users, go check it out! many thanks~有i phone的朋友請即去download名為“方皓玟”的app~yay!:) 感謝阿豐@rednoon的出手幫助! 想整app~...Read more

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兔年快樂! Happy Rabbit Year!

Hapi Rabbit Year! wishing u all another superb year! all goods~i like this fone apps alot,haha:)Read more

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HAPPY 2011!!

getting prepared for the 201o count down event in cwb:) massive thanks to Jimi White@ Chin.Gu always got the greatest cut bro~~~gosh...my last 2010 nose bleed~wow,there must be something good coming up~ cheers...Read more

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luv is in the air~

do u miss Charmaine's long hair...? here u go guys. bt the wig is jus..... Maine couldn't help herself by shouting since tis is the f...Read more

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hey my dear all~ wishing u a Merry X'mas & a Hapi New Year!

angels around! keep yo smiles~ 



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今晚大家一起去分享努力後的收成, “婚前試愛”首映上遇到很多好朋友,感覺很好。每個人都很滿足。當然也希望電影會有個大成功!跟天明很聊的來,也許大家都是愛說笑的人,還有金剛,哈哈。他是傻子,所以也跟我很好玩:)很開心我的歌“won't you stand”成為電影的主題曲,中段播起來時,雞皮馬上全起來,很感動。謝謝導演的信任。我會大力加油!音樂的力量真大!隨時都能讓我開心起來,把人帶點最原始的快樂,這也是我永遠鍾情它的原因。大愛無限~thanks God~Read more

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Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeITz1QB1O4###人們天生就懷著“大同”的基因在人生路上走跌碰著遇上再還原。





Read more
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