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scary scary nite


tonite is a reli special one, em.....u know..maybe not ,huh...i've got a very different understanding of butteries to others.

well for me....its ...something scary as much as the ghost, the Gremlins..the devil....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

for most others, it represents the goodies of life, holy angel...sth like dis..em....how to explain.??!! i jus duno y...it seems to be my super RIVAL!!

anyways, the whole thing jus  happened in a sudden.

my lil sister Nik was packing her bag for a short trip to T.W.,she asked me softly like:"" hey maine" y there are some fish scale on my socks? "" in da meanwhile her fingers was rubbing them...i gve a glance...wooooooooooooooo,damn...its the butteries' eggs!!!!!

Are u kidding me? no way, its so real!!!  its like a pack of shocking yellow lil bulbs laying on it!!!!

i cant stand for it anymore!!!!! me again was out of control!!! ( i can hardly tell my lst experience meeting the miss. ugly But...was 12 years ago)hhahahaa, i screamed i shout i was frightened!! totally!!!!

and...Nik..rushed to wash her hands thoroughly....

socks were thrown to the bin..rite!

afterall, mmmmmmmmmmm, its fun,haha not sure, kinda joke!!! hahaha, bt i crack my voice after a 15 minutes shout!!! AMEN!!!

p.s. enjoy da trip dear!!! gona miss u!!

luv & peace

lil Maine


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what is a butteries?
almost 14 years ago


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