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I'm Sorry Mr. Postman!

I owe u an apology for my rudeness yesterday. this is an official sorry letter to Mr. Postman whom i always respect to.wooo..u may feel odd about this, but so... i think this is a little confession blog which i write to myself, if u dun mind, would like to share my lil story  wit u guys.yes..here it goes..i was very much addicted to the online shopping these days, n here is one order which i took  like 2 weeks ago for some  lip tars launched in the UK.due to my mistake in filling the information for the site. i put on my writer's name, which shows up same on the parcel i was going to pick up yesterday.as a daily operation, the post officer was professional n rejected to letting me pick my long- waited items. i was so pissed off, n kinda rude attitude while asking for solution.my fault!! its not a rite way to saying such ridiculous request.and shouldn't get mad by the formal answer . its  proper!!!which my request is not allowed is very normal. meanwhile, u guys doing something very respectful! i dare to tell u this, Postmen is always the one i love!u know, i love sending letters to my pen pals since i was small.n my lil habit was to write  " thanks dear postman" on the envelope whenever i got a post!therefore i fell kinda guilty when i disappointing someone i like..hahhamaybe somehow i m writing this looks so stupid, but it reminds me the story of President Washington the Cherry tree. so...here i am, i gave him this, as the foto uploaded here! YES! I DID IT!sorry about this, hope to c ur smiling face again! there is nothing i can do but to send u my favorite---music!thanks for ur service! respect~and fank youuuuuuuuuu!afterall, this is funi that i found its not the only way i think about music when i am hapi and also when i am feeling sorry....brrrrrrrr...haha, new experience! thanks Lord![](/attachments/2010/06/25/23/346301_201006252303011.jpg)i feel alot better after writing this. feeling great n released!its early in the morning, n maybe there's a sign for me! a good sign, which the heavy pours stopped at the moment! i know there's sunshine for the brand new day![](/attachments/2010/06/25/23/346301_201006252303012.jpg)another addiction of mine! haha.. bad. ...i know....confession & confession!!perfume freak! i would say ....YES, i love it, NO "think twice" when I say I LOVE IT!!!rite, gona  sleep! love & blessed,lil'Maine

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If I were the postman and I received this, I'd pretty much forgive anything!!!
over 12 years ago
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no good deed goes unrewarded. ps - feel free to get mad at me and then apologize via autographed picture. i will totally understand. ;-)
over 12 years ago
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thanks gentlemen! :)
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