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y won't u stand?

i'm not a big fan of the Harry Potter,bt i do like the wizard power, cos it gives life some colours. exactly wat music does!there's quite alot of ppl may like to know y " Won't u Stand" as the topic of my second plug now is on air. yea..its come from the idea of the One nite stand,its jus one of the examples. bt actually im not into dis topic. forgive me, im very much against to somekinda relations like dis.sex is absolutely a beautiful thing,call me oddness, i dun even wish to get some experience in such a way.i mean the stand thing. tho some of my friends making fun of me when brings up some issue like dis. haha, no man...would like to share some real talk if u dun mind.it represents the loner's choice. i dun know,maybe they're  escaping sth hard to bare,or maybe there's always a story behind. its stil doesnt make any sense for me. everything goes so fast in dis world, loads of informations from da youtube, bloggers,tv games, funi enuv bt ppl jus can never get satisfaction as living in a wealthy entire life.i got a few of proper dates,some jus last shortly bt beautifully, memories exist, i did failed in some case, dat jus give me stronger belief in luv n tend to find the meaning of letting go n giving my best of all. n so on,  'W.U.S" is  reminding whom confused luv wit some lonesome purpose. hope to get it back to the purity of luv. respect it enjoy it! its my perception maybe not for everyone, share n smiles~on the other hand, progressing the music production is always fun. we spent alot of time on the arrangement part. a month time instruments picking also the vocal session, we had 3 vocal sessions each took us 6 hours. nevertheless, we got it done!thanks to my crew again! Mr. E.T. u're  the best pianist for me, of coz a cool composer too, thanks for always supporting me, to MR. J.Hui, no doubt u are talented in all sorts of things. u got a taste! hahha, u shouldnt live in here u belongs to mars.. thanks again!in the meanwhile, my 3rd one is on its way. lets share later~peace~luv & blessedlil Maine'

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interesting. i agree with you, its definitely not something someone should aspire to do. its basically people using eachother for temporary, empty happiness.
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