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Wushu flavor and food

Wushu flavor is one of those things that is so hard to teach, and yet without it a student cannot rise to the top.  Too many of my students worry about the move not being correct...and indeed spend a lot of time debating among themselves on who is more correct.  While in the beginning it is important to remember the moves, once this stage is past you need to concentrate on the meaning and intent of the form and try and bring it's characteristics out..........you become an expression of the form.  I had lunch with Madame Chen Dao Yan...Read more

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Spring Festival and other topics

Thought I would start with other things first.......I want to applaud Edison Chen's decision and apologies.....it's the right thing to do....you need to fess up when you goof and hurt people......and then take the consequences.  Something Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens needs to do too......when you are a major icon in your industry or live off the entertainment industry you need to be responsible.  While you may not want to be an example for  youth, the position you hold in your industry is because of what you do and w...Read more

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What steroids???

Loved baseball as a teenager..........was a fan of Willie Mays,Juan Marichal, Willie McCovey......listened to all the World Series games on a little transistor radio....remember those? Many have said that the steroid scandal has tainted the sport.  Well actually, money has tainted the sport......when it becomes so important to win or stay on top that you will do anything to remain there ....then there is certainly something wrong.  Money is what talks........do you think honestly no one knew this was going on?  If you look at any season in t...Read more

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Lion Dancing 3

Friday you will recall I was suppose to be in LA for the beginning of Disney and Tiger Claw's Elite Championships.........well the response was small so I decided to continue lion dancing.  Just a short note........people if you don't compete these events will disappear!  I realize that there is a lot of resistance to entering tournaments that are perceived to be part of  a Karate tournament.  But please remember these events use each discipline's own rules and judges......we are not getting Joe Black Belt to judge your form.  This...Read more

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Lion Dancing in Year of the Rat 2

Well, on to our second week of Chinese New Year Lion Dancing.  Wednesday was one of our longest days........it was for the senior homes in Oakland run by Family Bridges and Hong Lok Senior Center.   Nothing like doing 6 lion dances in a roll through out the day!  Family Bridges is near Oakland Chinatown and the building that it is housed in, used to be a Hotel....so the facilities are very nice.......with seniors who speak Cantonese,Mandarin, and Vietnamese all living there.  This facility I had the pleasure of dedicating al...Read more

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Lion Dancing in the Year of the Rat

On the first day of Chinese New Year one does not lion dance as that is considered a day to rest,celebrate and eat!!  we went to Dragon River on Geary Blvd.  It is a Hakka style Resturant.  The food is tasty without too much oil or heavy gravy.......that is the sign of good Hakka Food.  The next day though I am off early in the morning to Burlingame with Corey, we will be performing at McKinley School.  Marvin and Ryan also join me to help Corey and Kei Lun Lion Dance Team.  Keith met us at the School.....he and his nephew...Read more

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In Memory of William Wu

It is said by Taoist that while our bodies will grow old and pass on, our actions and thoughts will live on forever.   Bill was such a person, he was a friend to China and to Art.......and he included Wushu as art!  Bill helped bring the Beijing Team to the US in the 80's.  In l980 he worked with the SF Chamber of Commerce to bring the Canton Trade Fare to Fort Mason in San Francisco.  That in of itself was already very exciting, as this was the opening of China and it's products to the West.  Many Chinese Americans looked fow...Read more

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Happy Chinese New Year

Gung Hai Faat Choi!!  Best wishes prosperity and good health to everyone.  To everyone at AnD.....thanks and keep up the good work........there's only one way to go...and that's up!!  

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Politics of 2008

Well, hope you went out and voted......if you don't do anything don't complain!!  Seriously tho....everyone is claiming the mantle of change........liberal change, fundamental change, religious change..........you can't tell them apart without a scorecard.....what you have to decide for yourself is who can deliver the goods.  The Taoist in me says, beware of reductive dualist thinking........there is only one way....my way or the highway...........you are part of the problem or part of the solution......btw this applies to both r...Read more

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Super Bowl Sunday

Well, the Super Bowl has come and gone...lots of hype...but it was a good game!  Too bad for the Patriots...18-1...doesn't mean much cause you did not win the big event.....America has no place for second best........Yi Shan Go hai Yo Shan Go.......a Chinese reminder never too be too cocky...no matter how good you are there is always some one better out there!!   Spent morning training the SF Wushu Team.....good hard workout........need to pick it up even more to improve everyone's conditioning and stamina.  Everyone also worked on ...Read more

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