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A conversation with Master Wang

During the Wu Tao Kuan Celebration I had a chance to speak with Professor Wang Pei Kun from Shanghai.  Professor Wang is the former Chair of the Martial Arts Department at the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education and is ranked 8th Dan in Wushu.  I am always interested in what China is thinking about where Wushu is going.  Professor Wang said he believed that after the Olympics China will need to revise Wushu.  He said there was a lot of resistance from the rest of the world to the direction China is currently trying to ste...Read more

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Wu Tao Kuan

On Sunday, I was invited to the 35th anniversary of Wu Tao Kuan to perform for their celebration....Wu Tao Kuan is one of the few Taoist Centers open to the public......it is a center for the Wu Tao Kuan Martial Arts Institute, but also is a center for the practice of yoga, qigong, Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, and massage.  Founded by Sifu Alex Feng as a way to propagate the Taoist Teachings and as a place where different arts can flourish in the community.  While I often perform for the Chinese Community, this was quite refreshing as the Taois...Read more

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Japantown Island Jam

Heat Wave!!  San Francisco right now in the midst of a heat wave......on my way to Calwushu yesterday the gauge in my car registered 94 degrees...and that was at 6pm......in the gym last night it was definitely still in the 80's.  The temperature reminded me of Beijing in the summer.....but the Bay Area doesn't have hi humidity so it's not so bad! But it brings back memories of training in Beijing at the Shichahai sports Institute.........the wushu students got to practice in the Gym....but the Taiji and Bagua Students practi...Read more

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Blast from the Past

Mark dropped in on Calwushu on friday......it was Make Your Own Combo Practice......where each student makes up a combination for the rest of the class to do.....it helps to train the mind to not preconsieve and to go with the flow so to speak.  Mark led the class thru some Nanquan Combos.......his specialty...everyone had fun and were introduced to lots of different forms......Ben did some Mantis, Darren some Fanzi Quan......and I gave them a Bagua Chang Quan combo....haha........which was a hah what was that?!  As we were sitting around...Read more

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AnD in the City

Met Mark in Japantown along with Cass and Mars.........and a nice surprise, Amy showed up.....taking a day off of work (hopefully her boss doesn't read this, lol).  Amy most wushu players these days haven't even heard of.......she is the only women in the US to ever hold both All Around  and Taiji Champion Titles at the same time, most likely something no one will ever repeat. After all the greetings..........we were off to Honu's for Hawaiian Eats!  You'll remember I blogged about this restaurant earlier.........so one side o...Read more

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Times are a Changing

Remember when Bush told you there was nothing wrong with our economy, and we could afford to be Big Brother...................well I went to fill up my gas tank in my Altima.........only cost $61!!  Yesterday the price at my local station down the block jumped to $4.69/gallon.........and I noticed that even on my local sports station they were saying....there's no shortage of gas..........because there is ample supply......so the price has got to be artificially inflated..........afterall the last time gas climbed was in the 1970'...Read more

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All Things Asian

I mentioned last week attended a showing of the documentary film, Richard Aoki.  Films like these are important to see where Asians have been, and look at where they are going.  Nowadays, everyone takes for granted things like Asian American Studies, and being Asian....but there was a time not too long ago when you were an Oriental..........and you don't have any problems because you are the model minority that has made it!  Asian American Studies had to be fought for, and this is part of that story.  Richard Aoki was one of the Asian Le...Read more

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Kicking Back

Have not had a chance to relax for awhile.......finally not too many things to do as City College winds down gotta turn in my grades still...........check on the results for CalWushu promotions.  Got a chance to see Iron Man....that was kool I have been a fan since my days in college.  They made excellent use of cgi...making it realistic and plausible..........on the other hand Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.............ending I thought was too hokey.......aliens are okay...but from another dimension..........tried to be one of those old sa...Read more

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Well Sharon Stone found that Karma does exist....her comments on China has resulted in her loosing her Cristian Dior Ads...and being declared a person non-grata by China.  Natural disasters have natural causes and need everyone's help.  What you say and what you do however does have consequences.....either you work to achieve harmony or you go against the Tao..that has consequences.  Even the Tibet Foundation that she supports is going to donate money to help the people of Sichuan.......while we may have differences with the government of China and...Read more

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South Bay Earthquake Benefit

For those of you in the South Bay, don't miss CPAA's ,Love to the World Benefit , on June 1, at 7:30pm, to be held at the Montgomery Theater in San Jose.  The event will feature CPAA's dance Troupe and 200 musicians and dancers from China and the Bay Area.  So if you missed our Tiger Claw Benefit here's another chance to enjoy some great performances and to contribute to the Earthquake victims in Sichuan.  CPAA is also one of the groups involved in putting on the International Martial Arts Tournament which will be...Read more

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