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Better MV

We forgot to put this video on too.....

oooopppsss..... do you mind adding it to our library of videos? thx guys...

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCY1c9Wn8mM Better' Music Video by Noel Wilson & Andre Eichmanne

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Band Trivia Answers

IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE PREVIOUS BLOG DO NOT READ THIS ONE.... CHEATERS!!!!Here is the picture with all the answers....


Are you sure????

Do you really wanna know?....

Surely we could combine our powers and solve it....

Really, oh well.....


Pretty damn cool.....

Ohh and BTW if you haven't noticed... Adrian and I have...Read more

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Band Trivia

I hung out with my very good friend Rob today... He's an upcoming tattoo artist and hopefully I'll get him on board the AnD train soon.... At the moment he's an apprentice at Star Crossed Tattoo in TST... He showed me this wicked picture and it has loads of artists/bands... see if you can spot them... There are a total of 72.... Don't Cheat... the best my friends got was 51!!!

I only got to see the pic for a minute or so but i got these 'Alice in Chains', 'Pixies', 'Beach Boys', 'Crowded House&#...Read more

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Under the weather...

Crap! Just like my bro Kev, I too have caught the flu... Nonono... it wasn't from making out with Kev or holding hands like we always do... this time it was form the damn dust from moving house... I am now officially Jto's flat mate... and boy was it a tough move... no lift!!!! 4th floor!!! Heavy shit...Thankfully I hired muscle to deal with that stuff... 

I had a great weekend playing a show at pop bites covering some old suede songs and playing 2 of ours acoustic/electric... thanks to our old friend Chi Chung for that o...Read more

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Gimme a C...

Gimme a U...

Gimme a R...

Gimme a E...

Gimme a 3 hour set including 2 encores!!!!

Whatcha got???

A Freaking awesome show!!! Wow!!! I only decided to go to see this show on a spur of a moment decision influenced by Jto!!! As I was really saving myself for NIN!!!! (September)..So off we went and joined the AnD crew... Wow!!! Mr. Robert Smith still has it... Even though I wasn't so hot on his new material... still rocked!!! The crowd was great too and went nuts when the classics went...Read more

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It's Been WAY TOO LONG!!!!

OK Adrian and myself... we were in Shanghai (nice place... great food) to play in Soler's band with our good friend Skot at the 'live earth' show.  Some pics below and check out the videos at www.liveearth.org

We had another show at Yo park the other day with the members of our family Hardpack, Ryan and Josie.... I have to say it was surprisingly good and Ferddie and Kev were on FIRE!!!! The crowd went nuts on every crazy ass fill they did!!!...Read more

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Way Too Long


Didn't even realise the MV was on untill a fan pointed it out on myspace... sweet we got 2 vids up woohoo... Let me know what you all think...

Especially of that man Jto who seems to just steal the spotlight no matter what film he's in... wahahhahaha! 

Thanks to Kit for directing and Phat, Jto and Terrence who were there that day too... I remember Kit sitting at the Man5 office constantly paying those audiotraffic tunes till my own ears bled... hehehehe.... 

thx for the support

Meanwh...Read more

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J-to Bday

I had a great dinner and fun times with my bro J and all our buddies ... Good hotpot dinner... friends... and vodka.... and parkour??? Haaahaahahaha... I hope the HKPA see this.... The director of the 'Happy?' Music Video trying his luck at being a parkour star!!! And yes everyone... This video was done with no special effects and Jto did it all in one take... No animals or people were abused to make this video apart from Jto himself....

Video: J-to and his 'Parkour Adventure' Read more

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Bday love

Thank you all for your Bday love and those who came to party rocked da house down!  Even if you weren't there... Your spirit was there, I felt it... Was a fun night of drinking and private karaoke thnx to the crew at Bex and K-Tower in soho square.... I think everyone who attended is recovering... esp. my bro J-To  who expressed his love to everyone taht night waaahahahahahhaaa... Glenn and Ferddie rocked da house with Prince's Purple rain!!!! oohhhh yeah...  Cant really remember what other songs we sang.. maybe some GnR and other classic h...Read more

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One Big Happy Family

Ooooooohhhh Yeah!!! Respect the Pok Kai!!!!

What a great weekend!  Great atmosphere backstage chilling and having a laugh with everyone...  The show itself rocked big time!  A few sound issues on stage but everyone did their shit and performed so fraking well!!!! So proud... sniffsniff

Battle of the bands bowling was fun too... must do it again with more bands!!!

I will trying a find some pics to put up soon but I think Terrence is gonna post loads....

Big Thanks to Paul Wong, his crew, all the b...Read more

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