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It has been a year!!!

It's actually been a whole year since the album was been released?  Crazy!

We realized this at our recent interview on Radio Da Da...


Thanks to Calvin Wong and Eric Piece for inviting us.

You have to click on 'Programme Timetable' and then click on 'Underground Battlefield'.

If you listened to the interview... you probably heard about our new bandroom/studio... Yeah, we've been pulling out hairs out trying to get this up and running and we will post pictures soon once it's decent looking enough.  So much shopping... it's a new home practically!

Oh, we got our first review on itunes.. woohoo!

OK some sweet news...

We are opening for

JOURNEY!!!! The show is at the Venetian, Macau on the 20th of March!!!

Get your tickets NOW and come watch us play then watch this legendary classic rock band

with their new singer Arnel Pineda... Dude... THIS guy can sing!

Sounds exactly like the original singer, Steve Perry!

I know Glenn and Ferdie are more excited as they are huge Journey fans and Arnel fans!

Hope you have all been shopping online ( HERE) for our new T-shirts... We are very proud of them!!!

Sorry for not bloggin... It's been a long time...

But this year should be filled with many new adventures so there will definitly be more blogs on the way!


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nice congrats! the only problem is thats the same day as Pimpin' Ain't Easy / TungTung's b-day party! :-(
over 14 years ago
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Wooohooo....Itunes store...and opening for journey !!! way to go man !!!
over 14 years ago
Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
over 14 years ago


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