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Don and Adrian, both graduates of the Hong Kong International School, are also both of mixed ethnicity.  Don, a combination of Chinese, Filipino and Malaysian, and Adrian, who is Chinese and British, have been friends since primary school, building up their band over the course of 10 years.

"We started back in 1997!" Don exclaims.

Audiotraffic's previous name was Cry.  "Friends called us that because they said our singing sounds like we're crying", but they later changed their style and Cry ...Read more

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Fighting for the future

Hi all!!!!

Just a quick official post from an Audiotraffic member... I'm really looking forward to Paul Wong's 'Let's Fight' Show... If you haven't already bought tickets??? What are you waiting for!!!  So I'm hoping I can head down there ASAP after work (finish at 9!!!) so I can at least come support and enjoy the bands playing... I think i'll just be able to make it to see our bro's Hardpack, 24 Herbs (superstaaaar!) and  Mr. Paul Wong!!!  I wish every other performer all the best that nig...Read more

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Happy? Lyrics


By :  Audiotraffic

Just sick and tired, one that couldn't be and just couldn't see like the others

They never tried, only come for me cause they're seventeen they aint got no clue

You dream you'll be seen tonight

I don't care what they say about us anyway

I don't care if subconsciously I'm wrong

A single mind wants to be the queen of the TV scene like every other

Aint got no style, always in-between, knows everything, likes telling me what to do<...Read more

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Awards and Experiences

*Album ‘cry’- Wings Music Entertainment. Produced by Benjamin Lefevre (London) [‘98] *Opened for British rock groups ‘Mansun’ and ‘Rialto’ for their tours of Hong Kong [‘99] *Music Colony Bi-Weekly Readers Pole (awards) - Best Song “Save Me From The World” [’98] *Top 5 local bands - 903fm [‘99] *Don Cruz - Best Guitarist Yamaha Band Alert Competition [‘00] *Guest actors/performers in RTHK Youth Weekly English teaching show feat. Lau Yee Tat [‘01] *Featured on ‘The Stockbrokers Consortium’ by Fareast Records[‘01] *A song on the ‘Hong Ko...Read more

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