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In 1998, the band’s first eponymous album ‘Cry’ was recorded and produced by Benjamin Lefevre; a music veteran who has worked with the likes of The Pet Shop Boys, The Rolling Stones and Van Halen. After recording in Hong Kong, the band then traveled to London to do a final mixing of the CD, which was well received in Hong Kong and enjoyed wide press coverage and appreciation from the local music scene.

The band then spent the following years playing at various venues and events, appearing on television, film, radio, online and in print.

Reuniting with the first albums engineer Rob Porter, the band then began to record their second album entitled ‘audiotraffic’, reflecting the group’s change in name, members and their musical progression. In 2008 the release of their latest CD helped to bring the band even more local attention, with a large number of supporters and other local musicians attending the launch party.

Highlights in the bands career have included opening for the bands ‘Mansun’, ‘The Tears’ and ‘Journey’, all of which have been great influences to their music and praises from each further strengthened ‘audiotraffic’s’ hunger to succeed.

Through the many line up changes, the addition of a manager and the acquisition of their own studio, ‘audiotraffic’ has now become the core essence of what it started out to be.

Working with local producer ‘Dan F’, they are now recording their third studio album.

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