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Here's another link for directions to get to our show on the 10th Jan.


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Merry Rockin' Christmas


Here are some rocking xmas tunes from some of our ol' favourite bands/artists



Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eihoE8pl4kE&feature=PlayList&p=98460758BE61989E&index=12

Video: http://hk.youtube.com/watch...Read more

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Asia Beat Baby!

We all had a blast playing as guests for the 2008 Yamaha Asia Beat Finals.  We saw some pretty good bands too! And bumped into Mr. Davy Chan and Joey "Let's go to Highway" Tang!!!

And our cantonese was tested by the "cheeky" MC... we barely passed... 

Well done to the Winners ' Summer J...Read more

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14th Oct - HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

15th Oct - Lingnam College

24th Oct - F.B.I CD release party @ The Fringe

25th Oct - Yo Park, Whampoa

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Calling Photgraphers

Audiotraffic need new band pictures!!!

If you are a photographer (or know of any other photographers) and have creative (but not too crazy) ideas for our band photo please contact us... ASAP

Unfortunately we can only pay you with food, drinks, free cd's, free merchandise, love/respect and most importantly...your name credited on the photo whenever it's used for press/publicity purposes.

So contact us... with some demo shots perhaps... and hopefully we can work something out soon!

Hope to see ever...Read more

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K-swiss Commercial

Here are 2 versions of the Ad...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnd2STeBMJQ And here's the violin version...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8DKnRjHsaI Next Shows are....

SEPTEMBER 27th @ The Cavern Undergroundhttp://www.undergroundhk.com


SEPTEMBER 28th @ Mong Kok Next to L...Read more

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Recent clippings

Most people can tell you that doing interviews can be a pain in the butt... But they sure do help a lot!!!  And you gotta do 'em!!!

So here's some of the interviews/clippings of some of the stuff we did recently... in no particular order

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As I promised...

Woooooohooo!  Finally recovered from all the shows, especially 'Let's Fight III'...

Good god was that a show!  If you missed that one.. well you missed a lot!  The crowd was great and it looked packed from the stage!  Though it was too dark to see all the way back! 

OK so here's the rundown of the past few Audiottraffic shows... drum roll

1.  LKF Beerfest - We were pretty thrilled to be playing outdoors in LKF for the LKF beerfest but surprise, surprise... Boy, did we get one... we had to pla...Read more

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We really love the new layout design!  Thnx AnD crew!  Does this mean I gotta write another Boon song? hahaaha!   Well I haven't really got much to say but to...

Come and support our next shows! 

Esp June 7th at BACKSTAGE (We will play a whole hour just for you!)

I promise after 'Let's Fight III' I will blog like a mofo about all the past shows.

If you missed the Sichuan show yesterday! Poo on you! You better have donated $$$$ to the fund!

Audio, 24Herbs, Josie, Ryan and Terrence rocked for S...Read more

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