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OK... Here's the run down...

May 24th

LKF Beerfest... We will be playing around 1130pm... The stage is outside Cali and Lux.


June 7th


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A fan and his work!

Check this out!  This dude is the first person I've heard record their own version of one of our songs!!! Very inspiring and makes us proud of what we do... Music... It makes me kick my arse to stop playing GTA4, get over the music block and start writing more tunes!!! This cover version of 'Warm Sunshine' has been rearranged by http://www.alivenotdead.com/jrossa Respect!

Video: http://http//www.youtube.co...Read more

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TVB-JSG Youtube

Thanks to SU http://www.alivenotdead.com/solersu for getting this up so quickly!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czw_-e4i9Xw&fmt=18

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TVB JSG and 903 Chart

For those who are not attending the event at TVB you can catch it on TVB Jade at 9pm or was it 8:30pm tonight (Wednesday 23rd April 2008 in HK)? Anyhooo.....

Sorry we haven't been bloggin much... We will kick our own arses for you and get bloggin about something interesting soon... here's the latest greatest news....

See the pic below.... Check out who's number 3!! Insane... but they used 2 words for

'audiotraffic ' instead of 1!!!! Grrrrrr....

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Here's a little thing we did with SCMP

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Spbz8viH2Ng ooooooooh... almost forgot... just to confirm...


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Find Audiotraffic

Just for a laugh... I know Adrian is gonna kill me!  Oh well... Just remember, I took one for the team!!!


Also I was at HMV, Monday afternoon, I had to see something for myself.  Our manager told us on Thursday that HMV told her that our Album entered the HMV chart at No.12.  We really never expected this and were so surprised!!!

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Get your tickets ASAP

Just a quick note to tell everyone to please get their tickets for the 21st March show in advance using one of three methods: -

1) Online

http://www.hkticketing.com/Ticketek/eng/event/nswcms_event.asp?id=1913 Read more

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Images and Video from CD Launch Party! | 新專輯發布Party照片和視頻!

alivenotdead.com has collected all the user submitted photos and video from Saturday night's super successful CD Launch Event into one place.  For links to images and press reports please go to here:

Blogs, Coverage of Audiotraffic Launch PartyAlso there's  videos!  here's a short medley of clips from the show and the venue:

| Alivenotdead.com收集了我們上周六成功舉辦的新專輯發布Party所有照片和視頻。請到以下地址查看:

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Thanks to everyone... and we mean everyone who supported the cd launch party whether it was physically, mentally or spiritually!!! The launch was a great success and we were very touched with the response!!! Special thanks to Alivenotdead.com's support!!!  Thanks CLIQ for letting us rock the club!!! Our manager Ophelia did a great job and we are very greatfull  for all her hard work! (round of applause please!!!) Thanks to Ophelia's staff for dealing with the guests/tickets/tshirts! Rob Porter and his lovely wife Betty and the Yellow ...Read more

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Audiotraffic's CD Launch Party!

Edwin@Open and Alivenotdead.com are hosting a CD Launch Party for Audiotraffic's new CD on Saturday March 8th!!!

Here's the flier in English and Chinese:

Special Gue...Read more

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