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Obviously I'm not that big of a blogger but I figured that right now, I'd just chuck in an entry for the heck of it.

The last few weeks have been well insane, a mix of Fashion, Vinyl toys and music have been rushing by, and there is a wicked new video game company coming around that is truly gonna be doing some wicked things in Hong Kong (and its about time that someone did so as well).

Fashion wise we just did a launch for the brand Aiko (from Milan) about 2 weeks back, which rocked, we did a press thing at Delay No Mall (Milk and some other mags were there so there may be some magazine exposure coming out soon), plus Jin rocked up and we gave him a bunch of gear which worked out so nicely (the guy works real hard, performs regularly and even wore it on TVB) that we plan to hook him up more so in the future. That and his management are a breath of fresh air.

Here is a pic from Face Magazine that recently came out regarding all that.

Toy wise we (counterf!t) almost finished the Digidude Toy which we'll be launching on the 15th of Sep. I'm really excited about this, the design is good fun, and we got it ready to sell at some truly cool retail points. The box design came out cool too, we literally went through that one a few times but now we have something we really like.

Later on I'm playin a live gig here in Amsterdam (where I'll be till the 17th) which looks to be a blast, I've been writing a lot of acid, electro, IDM based stuff which I think will work live, so here's hoping. I may wanna do the similar sets in HK when I get back. I've been listening to lots of early detroit techno (like Derrick May), as well as  Aphex Twin, Plaid and Autechre records and I really think its some of the best stuff ever written, the arrangements and sonic pallets are amazing and I'm truly a fan of futurism, which basically seems to be the focus of much of the stuff that was written back then. Below is a pic from my Ableton Live set up, love this program to bits!

Finally here is a link to Graffiti Games who I think are gonna be doing some really cool and creative stuff in the future. Keep an eye on em!


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Rockin Vember Surge! That synth is fat as hell!
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