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Tokyo, Digidude & Aiko

Its been a hectic week this week been getting ready to shoot an advert, whist working on a comic book and doing some stuff for a video game with the guys at Graffiti Games which is buckets of fun and I promise will be an absolute blast when it comes out.

The game will premier at the Tokyo Game Show which is wicked because they're actually dragging me along for that one, and if there is one place I like to go every now and again its definitely Japan (especially Harajuku in Tokyo!). That coupled with the fact that as a kid I used to read about it in video game magazines makes it a tad bit surreal as well.

I snapped a pic of the exhibitors manual which was like "whaaaa thats cool!" (at least from my perspective).

Other than that the Digidude Toy by Counterf!tis nearing completion, we've gone through about 6 different samples, every time working on textures, what paint we wanna use, and dimentions of the toys mold.

I was gonna post up pics of it but I figured it would be more fun to somehow do it in a more interesting way later down the line.

So no pics of digidude for now.

My last bit of rambling would simply be about Aiko (an Italian brand distributed by Makimi) which was in Touch Magazine YAY!

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cool, have fun, we just got back from Tokyo, always lots of fun.
almost 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
i wanna go!
almost 12 years ago
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Damn that sounds so fun! Bring back lots of pics please. =D
almost 12 years ago


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