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Couterf!t, JunkFoodGirlz, & RAZK

So I've not been blogging for a while which probably means I was a bit more dead than alive (yes it's a silly pun) anyhow figured I'd just blab on about what I'm up too.

Counterf!t is gearing up to release its t-shirt line and we've got both in house designs as well as a very cool crossover with Unicorn Kid who is both a Designer and Chip Tune musician (meaning music made on hacked Gameboys, Nintendos etc giving it that very cool 8-bit sound).

Unicorn Kid has had BBC Radio 1 and XfM appearances and remixed mainstream artists such as the Pet Shop Boys

Check out his track Holding Hands Below

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqlJyQrOZNY My interest in Chip Tune music is growing steadily, and I'm currently working on producing my own chip tune tracks (on Nintendo Gameboy emulators and a DS^^) as well as potentially doing some chiptune DJ sets, especially since I can't find anyone else in Hong Kong who is doing them (I could be wrong though??).

Other than that I'm super happy that we managed to wrap up all the photography for JunkFoodGirlz and now can go finish the whole process of post production, I'm hoping to get the book out by August and we seem to be on schedule so yay!

Finally a new RAZK collection (which Makimi Distributes) is available at DMOP's J01 stores, so it check out !

Also high five to Derrick, Simon and Jun for putting together that wicked where do we go (where is home)track. I'm actually in the music video but deffo not the coolest one there hahaCheck out the vid below;Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmXi2-SjkOQ

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Thats the one we got, right? Or is it a new one?
almost 15 years ago
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Good stuff dude!! Havent seen the latest "behind the scenes of the JunkFoodGirlz!! Keep it rockin'!! Cheers
almost 15 years ago
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loved it
almost 15 years ago


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