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What up rockstars? Been off the grid for a while, but work and what not has been keeping me busy.

Played a Live set at M1NT a while back which was fun, was joined by trumpet player Kai and Rapper/MC Kenneth, and think we all managed to make it work, especially since it was the first time we all played together.

Got an art gallery show with the rest of Counterf!t  coming up on the 19th, at Philia lounge, check out the flyer below for that ^^

and A Dj set on the 22nd with Magnetic Soul, where I'll have to whip out those well soulful Drum n Bass records. Hard Beatz and Soft textures is what its all about and I do so love that. Check out the flyer below ^^

Other than that I've been playing Garou: Mark of the Wolves on the xbox360, listening to Karl Pilkington's drivel on the Ricky Gervais show (downloaded the entire XFM archive of the show) and working on finishing off the coffee table book and getting the Counterf!t t-shirt line ready.

Other than that Counterf!t has started selling toys via KID ROBOT in L.A., Miami, San Fransisco and New York so yay for that !

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