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Blog: Sunday, Aug 1

Was gonna pick up a square watermelon for a Crazyfromkong review but DAMN 1688 HKD !?!?. I understand they are imported from Japan, but again, 1688 HKD !?!?!

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I was at Disneyworld a couple years ago and we went on this "Behind the Seeds" Tour at Epcot. Very cool and reasonable priced, btw. Anyhoo, they were experimenting with growing vegetable in molds to make them grow in desired shaped. One they let my kids hold was a pumpkin shaped like Mickey's head. Another they hadn't started growing yet, but they showed us the mold for it--cucumbers. The plan was, after it was ripe, every slice would be in the shape of Mickey's head and those would go on all the garden salads in Disney restaurants!
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