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Hey all !!

Tomorrow we launch a Song I wrote (under the name Green Robot) with my partner in crime Ghost Style. The Track is called "Up Down Girl".

I also directed, shot and edited the video.

Joe Fiorello and Spencer Douglass served as the videos producers.

I shot the video with a very specific sense towards style, which pushed the viewer into the moment. This was done with a choice use of lenses, framing, shifting the focus, and attention towards close ups and long shots. Finally I chose to shoot most of the video hand held as well. Special thanks to Dan F. who mastered the hell outta this track !

The Up Down Girls are:

  1. Emma Moosa

  2. Ana Souza

  3. Gloria Wong

  4. Uny Chiu

  5. Quentin Kwong

  6. Rui Nakamura

  7. Manda Wong

  8. Mandy Tse

  9. Stephanie Aileen

  10. Carie Blackmon

  11. Diane Wu

  12. Susan Chen

  13. Paddy Fairly

Location wise special thanks too ThisMusicStudio, the Talent Asia office, and O's Hair !

Additional thanks to Harry Du Yung, Mike Chan and Kelvin Avon for helping out ^^ 

Check out the video tomorrow ^^ It'll be most fun !

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