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Promotional Video PrimeRip.

Below is a promotional B2B video I directed for PrimeDVD's PrimeRip software.

The video was shot with a heavy use of time-lapse, to give it a certain energy.

PrimeRip allows the content of a DVD (it comes shipped on) to be easily be ripped and synced to a selected device (iphone etc) as a digital copy.

The demonstration in the video shows this in real time (no more itunes etc needed) This mostly will be used for educational videos, music video etc. It's simple, fast and legal.

The video will be used in trade shows in Japan and America.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_Urs2tJe-8&feature=feedfDirector / Editor: Arne Venema

Cinematographer / Graphics: Chung Dha

Actors: Joe Fiorello, Mike Chan, Emma Moosa, Ana Souza

Make Up: Max Lam

Music: Arne Venema

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