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Red to silver

so after being a red head for 4 years I decided to have a big change bye bye red for now we will se each other again one day. But loving this grey/ silver hair right now. I needed a change 

Every time I find @nicoleguerriero @eylureofficial #lashes I buy them. Cant help it. Love them.

What? Buy one get one free @walgreens when you use your card. Love #eyelashes and love @ardell_lashes

So yesterday I went to my friends and she had a gift for me I opened it and besides the bag of goodies I was asked to be a #bridesmaid and I was honored I said #yes thank you @serenat2214

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Love my 3D nails. Not use to short nails but oh well.

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My new #3dnails love then I have two nail techs I go to and they Both are amazing. Today was with David and he just got this new 3 d polish gel and I love it looks like I'm looking outer space into the galaxy

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My favorite! @ponds the lavender is so soothing I've used these for a very long time but recently I was having #migraines and #anxiety I just opened up an empty pack and smelled it for awhile and it helped.

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purplelips #purpleeyes feeling purple today

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Sorry been MIA. Have been sick but feeling a bit better at the moment. #relaxing #glasses #raybans @rayban

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November 5, 2008

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