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whats been going on

Ok so from school and working I have not had time to go shopping and have some me time and have been wanting a michael kors purse for a very long time have not had the time to shop, look and see without being in a rush and finally on my break I decided u know what enough is enough lol so Finally I bought me my purse and loved it! This photo  I had to do a 1940s photo shoot for my senior project and I had so much fun I love to learn the history of beauty. this business card holder I recieved from a client and was touched. She gave it to me the night of the event after she performed what I choreographed for her. Alot of ppl dont appreciate the hard work u put into and the late nights of choreographing and stress, to make everything as perfect as you can. I was very honored.

bu So it's been forever since Ive been on here and miss everyone but I have been busy with dancing, choreographing and school. Ive been doing fashion shows, photo shoots and choreographing for clients. But I love it. I almost done with college for cosmo thank God. Cant wait till graduation I love my dance career and its my top priority but I love beauty as well hair, makeup, facial, pedis, manis, all of the above although in the field I love makeup and chemical meaning color, high lites and all that good stuff more than hair cuts. This photo up here is my fall look I've been getting into this brown lips and a deeper red color. I ve been a red head going on 2 yrs and I have had all kinds of reds you could think of a but I thought this one I liked best and recieved great comments on it.

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my life and yet I love it

Video: Ok so it's been another long time since I've been on here. And sad to say that I've lost touch with my friends. I have been extremly busy choreographing for clients one after another. This time I got hired to choregraph for two clients for the same event so I've been going back and forth with them practicing. Talk about tired. But I love what I do. So in just a short notice I had to choreograph for two different people with only two weeks till the event.  I knew I had to get a move on it and not only work myself to my best but also working them twice as hard since they are performing it. After I'm done with their practicing at 10am-10pm I head to the studio to work on some dancing with my friend Paul who is an incredible dancer.  Paul has been helping me with some cool dance stuff for a video I'm doing and am keeping it a secret till I get the results I want and dont want to jinx it in anyway possible. Did I mention I'm going to school too? Yeah another part of my busy everyday life. SO here is a video of me practicing on my own thing after just go done working all day with my clients. This was filmed more less 1am. I hope you all enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed dancing it.

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important words in my entertainment

When I'm being the judge for other artists on their auditions or if its for my auditions for my crew  I like to tell these talents that when coming to audition and they ask what to bring I always say:


 All that matters is if you can dance because people surprise you everyday. I can have the fat girl dance better than a skinny girl or the ugly girl is more talented than the pretty girl or the one with a full resume is nothing better than the person next to them with an empty resume. Or the dancer who's been dancing for less time than the one whos been dancing all their life. I like to share this with those of you who go through this when you audition and you  being told the most hurtful words that can cause serious damage physically and emotionally.


I've been asked to teach some choreography for a dance studio and be a judge for open auditions for the younger generation. This is what I say before they come in to audition for me. I believe this is whats important.

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wow ...this long

Wow...I've been gone for so long.  I really have been so very busy with dancing that it kept me away this long. I have  been getting booked to choreograph one client after another  and just reciently got booked in years in advance...2012, 2013, 2014, yeah tell me about it. But I love it! I also had surgery in Novemeber which I could not rest at all after the surgery bc of events going on. I had a bump on my back and it started to grow and it was really irritated. I ended up in the emergency room with the help of my mom. They had told me I had a tumor and did the surgery right there and than to get it removed and to get it tested and to make sure it was cancer free. They stitched me up, gave me meds and sent me on  my way. Now this was around 1am. I had family that came down waiting for us. I was high on the meds and had to wake up to be in my cousins wedding the next day so no rest there. I enjoyed the special day with my cousin and was in  pain bc the meds were to strong for me but went on with it. The following day I had to rise and shine and ready to meet up with my client and her 30 friends to learn my dance choreography for a special event for them. So yeah no rest at all. Good news everything was good ..results said it was a cyst and cancer free. Thank you God! If things couldnt get any better my migranes had been kicking in everyday and not even excedrin was helping and had been stressing for some reason with this particular event. But its over and done with and I get to finally rest till next year. I had planned to visit LA again many times but due to bookings I had to change my plans for next year hopefully. I also plan to go back to school for makeup so hopefully things go according to plan. . I did get nice shoes lol for my bday from family and friends for my collection that I would like to share with u all there pretty cool lol..more shoes to dance in haha. well till next entry about my shoes bc right now am headed out lol. Merry christmas to all!

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whats been going on

I know everyone, it really has been awhile several things are going on. I've been asked to do a reel video and am so excited about that. I'm in the process of doing that and meeting ppl, and dancers whom I want them to be apart of this experience with me. Alot of ideas that are popping in my head, what I want, what song I want to choreograph and use for the reel, what I want the costumes  to look like, its alot to process and its taking alot of my time ...I need it to be perfect. So be waiting for the videos of the rehearsal, backstage and the final touch of the reel. I also met a wonderful dancer name Ted who is from the same town I am and he's an incredible dancer and we are discussing some other projects to do..we are going to  partner up and do some sick shi*t...working hard together and workshops are one thing we are going to do and some performance of us two. I was a bit nervous ....showing him what I can do and glad he was amazed by it which made me feel good and are working alot together on some sick choreography  which we will post up on youtube and on here. We also are setting a date for auditions for some other projects cant really speak of yet but yeah ...thats where I have been at and staying busy as much as I can.  But being busy my best friend took me away to relax at a pitbull concert it was awesome and she just bought us out tickets to Daddy Yankee soooooo excited I have never been to a  Daddy Yankee concert and it is a dream come true and was touched that she surprised me with the tickets. VIP baby! lol Also, a photoshoot is coming soon of me and watch out for that too. Thanks everyone on ur msgs and blogs here and other sites and I am touched and sorry that I made some of you worry. Also if u have not heard those of you who have  my cell # I lost it a week ago and was so :( I was literally freaking out and crying lol.....but I got me a new cell and have the same # just I couldn't get  my phone book back so I got most of my #s back and if ur one of them just text me and tell me its u well hope all of you are doing well and god bless xoxo April

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It's been very long

Man it's been forever....I know . I'm still alive though . IHave been staying at hotels like I have no home lol. But its all getting ready for the tejano music awards in July and than the conjunto Music awards in August. I should be going back to LA hopefully in the begainning of August to visit a friend who's station there till December. And....of course for dance training lol. I've been having fun with some new friends I've met through bowling and have been going to arena football games, traveling with bowling and singing karaokie on thursday nights with them lol. Never thought I was much of a singer  but till people started coming up to me lol you sound good and so forth . I will still say  I'm a dancer not a singer lol. But  I have to admit they had me practice and learn these songs that my friends want me try and want me to sing that has to tell me something good lol. I was suppose to be going back to Mexico for more work but right now I'm still playing it safe and don't want to do any work there still atleast not yet and I must say I'm not the only one obviously...some artists have been declining too. My promoter laughs but hey I want to enjoy myself and not have to be figeting and scareeed n paranoid lol.  My guy friends crack up bc I have been there when I was at its worse I say and say shiiit you what??? lol Anywho, am back to hitting the gym and working out and to one of my favorite  videos to workout to  p90x. Yeah when I first started it was so sore and couldnt  move in bed i was ouch! I move alot when I'm asleep. I am also choreographing with some new pieces and see who my projects come out with that. This past weekend they had me be a judge of some kid dancers and wow they were cute and good! Little 6 yr olds break dancing and dancing non stop lol. I had fun.  They kept me entertain when it was over they kept dancing  thinking I was still judging lol. But...they have me trying something new...promoter wants me to try auditions for film roles and see what that journey has for me. Till than

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my new vehicle

A week ago I had seen this vehicle at a car dealership parked and fell . 3 days ago, I decided to go and ck it out. I immediately  fell in  with not only from a distance but up close and personal haha. I bought it that same day and was so excited. Just my luck the person who sold me the Nitro from fords was not the sales person but the manager who helped me alot more and better than a regualar sales person could. He was so excited for me too haha. My whole family were all over and looking at it and so forth. I need something with space for my bowling ball in the back haha and when I travel for my luggage because my other vehicle was a truck and not a whole lot of room. The color is just so catchy.  well I wanted to share the thrill with you all as well.

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still alive

I'm still alive for those who are curious of where I  have been. Been on break and working out and enjoying  I Have several things coming up. I Will be on tour in April in Mexico. Different parts of Mexico and interviews and such will be with another band who I still have to meet. We will be doing a tour with another band in their bus I think or our bus either way it will be awesome love to meet new people.. Next month I will be in fanfest meeting the fans and other artists...some who will perform at the event and than off to the after parties for me with other artists time to get krazy and have alot of fun. Its a 3 day event. Than alot to be preparing for the Tejano Conjunto music awards where I will be attending with the promoter and other artists. I was suppose to be going to Japan but alot of things happen where I have to cancel that trip but will be taking a trip to Italy instead still not sure yet. I have alot of choreography to do for new songs for the artist I DO alot of the choreography for. Its all good. I might be going to LA soon hopefully in June and perhaps depending on a certain friend Mai COUGHS to meet up with her in Vegas. I will post many photos of these events taking place. Sorry have not been on for like ever but the new place I live at is out in the country and can't find a internet server for out there am still lurking though am going krazy without internet in way been busy havent had much to think about it but still can't live without internet thank god for my cell lol.  Hope everyone had a wonderful VALENTINES DAY  I had a pretty good one I say. well till next time.

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xmas thank u Mai Ling

I was so excited when I got a package in the mail from my friend Mai as everyone knows her as babymai. We have been friends for about 2 years now and have to say she became my best friend. I have to say how someone online can become so close and become best of friends and be more of a friend than my friends in person. WE love makeup and always talk about makeup among other great things. NYX is one brand I like alot and literally screamed when I opened one gift and it was like 12 eyeshadows of NYX. My mom was there with me and was like WHAT? what happen what is it lmao.

than I opened my other gift and was lol bc of my nickname APOL to her. INSIDE joke but I love it and its so adorable and I can take it with me on the road, plane or where ever I have to go to dance at. Instead of using my compact mirror. I love the little pouch that it has to put my products I am going to use in it. THanks MAI LING!

These are the eyeshadows and I have already used some already. I love it at got so many compliements and was like yeah its pretty isen't it lol.  I know my crew GIRLS will be having me put some on them uhhh I don't want to jk.

THis is a xmas gift my grandmother got me and I love it! I love hip hop shoes for my collection lol and was amazed by the color ..BEAUTIFUL!  These shoes will definitly go on many journeys with me.

That glitter in the front is what got my eye. The best part is there in my favorite color PURPLE Yeah my grandma and mom have this thing when I have to travel to dance they buy me a new pair of hip hop shoes. But this was a xmas gift hehe. I love them! WEll I hope everyone had a wonderful xmas and happy New Year!

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