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Red to silver

so after being a red head for 4 years I decided to have a big change bye bye red for now we will se each other again one day. But loving this grey/ silver hair right now. I needed a change 

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whitehair #redlips good day when your depression has kicked in all week or two weeks. Out with the family.

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Yes!!! It's here so pretty!!! @kathleenlights @colourpopcosmetics

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Woke up to #snow outside. This isn't normal where I live last time it snowed it was 13 years ago. ❄️⛄️☃️

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Love this #snapchat filter #curlyhair #redlips #whitehair

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Excited for this @urbandecaycosmetics one of my xmas gifts

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Love red all the time but specially holiday season. #rednails

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Excited I got this @fentybeauty

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@grav3yardgirl @bellamihair new video up on my channel. #bellamigrav3yardgirl #whitehair #nudelips #greeneyeshadow #camojacket

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This beauty came in the mail today so excited @bellamihair collaborate with @grav3yardgirl its so pretty can't wait to try it out #bellamigrav3yardgirl

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November 5, 2008

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