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Red to silver

so after being a red head for 4 years I decided to have a big change bye bye red for now we will se each other again one day. But loving this grey/ silver hair right now. I needed a change 

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Can’t stop watching @13reasonswhy season 2 so far so good. #whitehair #tattoos #poutylips

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Running around on coffee. #wavyhair #tired

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whitehair #greeneyeshadow #pinklips by @jeffreestarcosmetics blush by @patrickstarrr @maccosmetics collaboration #mesofleek on my way to see #deadpool2

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robocop shirt from @lootcrate eye makeup matching my shirt look #whitehair

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When you redo your hair and feel like a new person #whitehair #tattoos

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Love my set of nails #americannails #coffintip

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waveshair #whitehair

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When things like these fascinates me. #clear #cleartoothbrush @colgate I’m that person who buys a new toothbrush every 2-3 months like you suppose to #prettysmile

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Arrived today was excited when my mailman knocked at my door with the collecting. @patrickstarrr @maccosmetics this is gorgeous Patrick you make us all believe dreams do come true. #patrickstarrr

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November 5, 2008

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