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Things just aren't what they seem

a reflection of an outer beam

an image of a distant dream

the vapor of the water's steam.

Life is not what u see

but what u make it out to be

It took a while to learn this lesson

that life is but ur mind's reflection

An image that can not be eternal

it's an inside that is made external.

The truth is that we are all one

through the etheric's that formed creation

From the blackness of the galaxies

co...Read more

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Work funnies

Best Things to say if Caught Sleeping At Your Desk...

"They told me at the blood bank this might happen."

"This is just a 15 minute power-nap as described in that time management course you sent me."

"Whew!  Guess I left the top off the White-Out You probably got here just in time!"

"I wasn't sleeping!  I was meditating on the mission statement and envisioning a new paradigm."

"I was testing my keyboard for drool r...Read more

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Ha ha ....Thats funny, Finally...

So...I know Life is full of ups and downs and all that really goey stuff in da middle but, fluck it right.  U only have one to live and who wants to mope around all damn day...Cheer up...ur makin me sick, Lol...

Here's to my Cool friends on AnD...Smile when u think of me...Winkersss

Funny Bumper Stickers...

Impotence is Gods way of saying "No hard feelings" (wowzers)

Some people are only alive cuz it's illegal to shoot them (ouch)

If U can read this...I can slam on my...Read more

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U know what...I think it is vital for all my friends to take a look at the Obama Deception and leave me ur thoughts on this.  What can we do as not only Americans, but also as human beings to protect our HUMAN RIGHTS...


Its not all peaches and cream....


please comment asap

You can find the Obama Deception on infowars.cm or on youtube

know your rights

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Hmmm..Where have I been...


A couple of things have happened lately...


My friends husband died...she's pregnant, and has a 2 year old.

My uncle died...he has 2 kids,  5 grandkids, 1 great grandkid, lots of bros and sisters, even more neices and nephews...booooo

um, My boss has a crush on me...ew...

Student Loans are all messed up...

Tired of waiting on this F*ckin apt...


My taxes came in...(Chi Chingggg)...

Paid off overdue tuition...

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Hey everyone...Just writin to say...HAPPY VDAYYY!!!  I was supposed to go out and party hard but ...what can I say, Family First....Next week, I'll do it up.  Send all my AnD hotties my fun pics....MUAHZZZ.

Oh yeah, This is to the guy that wanted to be my vtine...  >=P

To da Lil GuY DaT TrIeD

ur luv is a freshly cut rose...slowly dying

I'm happy so why bother trying

Tired of mistakes and miscalculated errors

u define a woman's deepest terrors.


DoNt GeT iT TwIsTeD...Read more

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The Beauty Of Brooklyn

I wrote this the other day.  I had taken pics of the snow in Brooklyn for a friend, Slink...hope this can help u imagine what it must be like...the snow i mean.  For those of u that don't know..Brooklyn is in NY, lol.  Although I usually have fun in the city, I am from brooklyn and I can't deny the attachment I have to the people out here.  They may be rugged on the outside but on a deeper level...they are me.  I appreciate where I am from and the people around me...so I wanted to give u a glimpse of my mental...the pics are in...Read more

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So upset right now

Dont know why you would act without thinking...

it's like ur f*cking iq is literally sinking...

like u dont have a clue

and u just do what u do...

R u retarded

dont even get me started right now...

im sick at how

u dont know a lick about ur kid

and u wanna act like im stupid...

like i dont know what makes her cry and makes her laugh

I feel like im talkin to the mickey D staff...

shit, what is the possibility

that u'll learn some responsi...Read more

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Da Sneak Peek!

Hey PeepLz... 

Just a lil curious about the AnD people out there...

Wrote some things about myself for those of u that r interested....

One of my friends blogged this and i figured wouldn't be a bad idea to do the same.

Soooo, If u got a min, copy these questions and tell me bout urself... 

U kno I'm Really, Really Interested....Wink Wink, Muahz...Lex


01) Are you current...Read more

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Suma my music...in ya eyaaa, lol...


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