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Back to Taiwan

When we raced over to Taiwan this leg, it was a little more special for me because this is where I pretty much started my life working in Asia.  Before that, I was all set to become a starving actor in Hollywood.  However, almost exactly ten years ago, I was offered the opportunity to move to Taiwan to learn Mandarin and become a VJ (video jockey) for MTV.  Of course, I took the offer and it's been o...Read more

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Hoops and F1

I had the chance to play some regulation basketball last week on our celebrity team in the Geylang Serai Basketball Tournament.  And since I haven't really balled in a long time, it was nice to get out there and hoop it up a bit.  Some of the actors who showed up for action included  Christopher Lee Ming Shun, Zhang Yao Dong, Tay Ping Hui, and Brandon Wong Zhong Yao...

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Bye Bye, Beauty Babes...

The race just doesn't seem to let up on the teams, and I think Natalie from Team Thailand was more than ready to just give up.  Fortunately for her, this third leg was the end of the road for her, but Pai Lin seemed like she still had a lot more "race" in her.  I wonder if Pai Lin really started to wonder if she had picked the right partner for this.  But then again, no one really...Read more

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Breakin Away to Bali

After over a month on the road working and with the race off and running, it was time to go for a short holiday to Bali last week with family and friends.  And it was great to get away and not have to worry about anything while enjoying the beautiful sunsets there...

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Seoul Long, Team Korea...

...and just after two episodes, there are only eight teams left in The Amazing Race Asia.  I hope William and Isaac enjoyed their time on the race, but I'm sure they won't forget their experience anytime soon!  I think the teams are really starting to wonder what they "signed up for" because this has really become one difficult race.  And if you happened to apply for the sho...Read more

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The Race is On!!!

At last, Season Three of The Amazing Race Asia is off and running.  So what did you think of the first episode?  I know all the teams and production are really excited that the show is finally "On Air"...and earlier this year too!  We've definitely got a completely different bunch of contestants this season, and I know they'll more than hold their own to the previous two seasons.  Read more

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The Amazing Race Asia 3 Media Preview Party

In a few days, the newest season of The Amazing Race Asia will be hitting the airwaves on AXN all over Asia...and Beyond.  Last night, we had a special media preview screening for the first episode, and it's always great to see some of the teams back in the "real world" after their "reality show" adventure.  I've been touting this season's race...Read more

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It's Official--THE AMAZING RACE ASIA 3 Begins on September 11!!!

The cat's finally outta da bag, and I can finally tell you all that the new season of The Amazing Race Asia will race once again next month so get ready cuz it's gonna be a tough one!!

Here's a press release announcement from earlier today that tells you more about what's to come for TARA3!!

    The Amazing Race A...Read more

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Running and Racing

When's the last time you laced up your running shoes, signed up for a road race, and ran as fast as you can??  If not in a long time or Never, then you might wanna consider it because in some deranged, pugilistic sort-of-way, it was actually fun.

Early this morning, I went out to participate in my first 10K race in almost two decades. Way back in high school, I used to run on the cross co...Read more

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The Race Begins!!!

Some of you might think that I am referring to this race called The Amazing Race Asia, but actually...

...this is another truly amazing race happening in Singapore.

In a few short months, Singapore is going to put itself on the map in the world o...Read more

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