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Seoul Long, Team Korea...

...and just after two episodes, there are only eight teams left in The Amazing Race Asia.  I hope William and Isaac enjoyed their time on the race, but I'm sure they won't forget their experience anytime soon!  I think the teams are really starting to wonder what they "signed up for" because this has really become one difficult race.  And if you happened to apply for the show, are you a little relieved that you don't have to do all of this stuff such as the paintball or eating a bowl of scorpions?  On the other hand, it has been inspiring (and entertaining) to see all the teams really dig down deep and persevere through the various tasks that are thrown their way, especially in this second episode which ended lasting almost two days! 

In my three seasons, this is the first episode that got bumped up to a ninety-minute special because there was just too much that happened to these teams.  And if you were able to catch it, you'll know what I am talking about.  Right from the start, teams had a difficult time getting from one place to another.  I think some people might have been surprised to see Mai and Oliver go from first place in the first episode to pulling up the rear in certain portions of the second leg, especially since they are from Thailand too!  I think that just goes to show you that "home court (or country) advantage" really doesn't mean that much because anything can happen...at anytime.

Well, we finally left Thailand and then flew off to Vietnam, and here's a shot of some of the "extra" baggage that we get to lug around from one country to another...

Right after I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, our host team immediately went out to get the necessary shots for the episode...

Every time I come to Vietnam, the local people are so warm and friendly, especially the children...

...these boys think we're still shooting Season Two!

And this one really knows how to "ham it" up when I "cam it!"

Since the teams had to wait until the morning due to an Hours of Operation, I was able to complete some last-minute filming before speeding off to the pit stop, and there's just so much to see here in Vietnam...

...and if I run out of clothes to wear, there's always a pile of more choices nearby.

At last, I'm set up at the pit stop for this second leg, and we had a helluva time in the pouring rain.  Luckily, the iconic mat held up fine...

...cuz the conditions aren't going to get any easier for any of us, especially the teams!!

Quite honestly, I really wasn't sure how well this third season would go, especially with the success and popularity of the two previous seasons.  So far, I think it's holding up alright thanks to these teams who are more than entertaining us with just showing us all what they're all about under this tough conditions.

I haven't seen the final cut for next week's episode so I'm psyched to see how it all ends up.  I'm also wondering whether another team gets eliminated?    What do you think??

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i don't think you can break dance on that floor...
over 15 years ago
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I don't have the channel to watch the show but hopefully I'll be able to find a way to see some of the episodes. That's great that you're able to snap some cool photos while you're there.
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