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The Race Begins!!!

Some of you might think that I am referring to this race called The Amazing Race Asia, but actually...

...this is another truly amazing race happening in Singapore.

In a few short months, Singapore is going to put itself on the map in the world of motorcar racing at it hosts the very first night race in Formula One history.  Earlier today, I was on hand to host the closing ceremony for the construction of the F1 Pit Building where everything will be going down.

Here is the aftermath for the stage today after journalists from over seventy different media arrived from overseas to attend this function. 

Even the Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Mr. S. Iswaran, attended the event and had a few words to say...

After Mr. Iswaran's speech, it was time to bring out the crystal ball to signify the completion of the F1 Pit Building...

Now, what exactly am I talking about in terms of scale to produce a Formula One night race in a street circuit similar to Monaco?  Here are some of the numbers for you to digest:

Total Power (electricity) required - 3,180,000 Watts

Number of Light Projectors - Approximately 1,500

Number of Steel Pylons - Approximately 230

Total Length of Aluminum Truss - Approximately 6,300 meters

Total Length of Power Cables - Approximately 145,000 meters

Luminosity - 3,000 lux levels (Four times brighter than the lights at sports stadiums)

Did you know Singapore was only granted approval around September and October of last year so the nation has really got its hands full staging the world's first Formula One night race.  But if any country in Asia can do it, it's gotta be Singapore, especially with how fast the F1 Pit Building has been completed...in less than ten months!

In a few more short months, the 2008 Formula One SingTel Singapore Grand Prix will be happening at the end of September, and I'm sure it's gonna be crazy here!  I can't wait to see it all go down!

And once this amazing race is completed, there will be another "amazing" race in Asia for you all to look forward too!  More on that in the weeks to come! 

But for now, I'm racing off to dinner!!

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i hope its... .an AMAZING race. :-D f1 in singapore? i'll be there for next year's!
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