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Hoops and F1

I had the chance to play some regulation basketball last week on our celebrity team in the Geylang Serai Basketball Tournament.  And since I haven't really balled in a long time, it was nice to get out there and hoop it up a bit.  Some of the actors who showed up for action included  Christopher Lee Ming Shun, Zhang Yao Dong, Tay Ping Hui, and Brandon Wong Zhong Yao...

The last few years in this tournament, we always ended up in second place.  But this time around, we were able to capture the title in extra time.  We all got a medal to show for it...

and even actress Felicia Chin was entertained with our antics on that court that night...

And on the nights where we didn't have a game, it was time to attend the events leading up to the first Formula One Grand Prix in Singapore including the Tag Heuer exhibition held at Paragon with Kimi Raikkonen...

Kimi really didn't seem enthused about doing all this media-related stuff, and I guess that's why he's known as "The Iceman."  Nevertheless, he was chill enough to take a picture with Eunice Olsen, Li Lin, and me before hitting testing out the street circuit with Ferrari...

...but after last night's results, Kimi, Massa, and Ferrari will probably need to "cool" down after their disappointment display in Formula One's firstever night race. 

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nice! congrats!
over 15 years ago
Ah yeah! Looks like fun dog! Hope you have been well!
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