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The Amazing Race Asia 3 Media Preview Party

In a few days, the newest season of The Amazing Race Asia will be hitting the airwaves on AXN all over Asia...and Beyond.  Last night, we had a special media preview screening for the first episode, and it's always great to see some of the teams back in the "real world" after their "reality show" adventure.  I've been touting this season's race as the "Toughest Race Ever," and I think all the teams could attest to that.  When you start watching it, I think you'll understand why. 

Being a contestant in the race really has become a very special experience, and the teams from the previous season always show up to give their support.  Here were the "three generations" of Team Singapore last night...Sharon, Melody, Colin, Adrian, Fuzzy, and A.D.

Soon after a short opening welcome, everyone focused their attention to the first episode.  Teams from Hong Kong and Malaysia flew in for the event also.

Melody Chen was the MC for the night's festivities, and Malaysia team Henry and Bernie really enjoyed Hong Kong team Sam and Vince's antics.

As you'll see during the race, there's never a dull moment with Malaysia team Tania and Ida too.

After the first episode finished, we all got together for a group shot with four of the ten teams for this season along with some of the big wigs that make this show happen...

So there you have it...the race will be off and running this Thursday night, and I wonder which of those ten teams will first at the pit stop...and "first" to be eliminated??   

Now, you gotta watch and found out! 

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best of luck w/ this season! keep us up to date!
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