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Simon Birch's Hope & Glory with Race & Rosanne Wong

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be able to go to the LV party at Simon Birch's Hope & Glory exhibition with Race & Rosanne Wong. For those of you who haven't already been lucky enough to see the exhibition, I strongly suggest you go immediately!  Firstly it is huge! On the promotional materials, it is named as being the largest art installation in Hong Kong's history. Secondly it is damn impressive. This is not merely a series of art pieces hung on a wall. This i...Read more

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Anti - Smoking Sweets vs Anti - Smoking Campaign!

The other day we came across the most odd and awesome named candies: "Okuda No-Smoking Candy" and since we are good friends with Micheal Chan who is the official face of the Government's most recent anti-smoking campaign (yet is a smoker himself), we thought it would be a VERY good idea to put these Anti - Smoking Candies to the test. And the test was:

Anti - Smoking Sweets vs. Anti - Smoking Campaign of the Hong Ko...Read more

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Simon Birch Film Project

A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday, I had a very interesting day indeed!

In fact I spent that Sunday acting in Simon Birch's new film project as Matthew Barney, a famous US artist who's best known for the Cremaster Cycle and the Read more

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Race Wong 黃婉伶 Fast Forward Trailer

Well things are really coming together with Project Race and getting more exciting by the day!

One of the most exciting developments of this last week was the launch of our first official trailer video, Fast Forward, shot by Arne Venema and Jona Chung Dha Lam and edited by Arne. It really helps to bring together a...Read more

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Project Race - Friends Visiting x 1 - Patrick Lee AnD

Throughout the course of the album project we have been doing lots of people have been coming down to offer Race their support with her first independent project.   And since today is his birthday, I thought I would finally put up a blog about our first visitor to This Music Studio in Central, none other than Mr Patrick Lee himself, big boss man extraordinaire of the amazing Alive not Dead site which I am writing on right now. I can say that we all owe a lot to Patrick Lee. If it wasn't for him, then ...Read more

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Crazy from Kong - Mongkok Style Roasted Sausage Flavour Crisps

This is my all time favourite Crazy from Kong video that we have made so far for the following reasons:

It was our first product from Hong Kong.

The packaging was the best we have seen so far.

The level of detail in the product title is just wonderful.

Every time I look at it I think "What the hell is Mongkok Style?"

And "Which mental person came up with this flavour in the first place?"

To find out what these incredible cris...Read more

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Project Race - Race Working Hard!

One of the things I've come to respect a lot about Race since getting to cooperate with her on her new album project, is how hard she works. She spends long hours in the studio everyday and any of you who have worked in a studio before will know, long means looonnnnngggg. Race spends the time recording and re-recording, co-writing songs and melodies, researching other artists, planning m...Read more

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Crazy from Kong - Ginger Ale Kit Kat!

Well this is the one that started it all off! Was preparing for a long night of editing film stuff with Arne and whilst shopping for goodies for us to snack on at 7 eleven, I came across this amazingly bizarre concept: "Ginger Ale Kit Kat"Obviously this product is a special from Japan, since no other race would be simultaneously so weird and cool, as to think of attempting to produce something like this in the first place. In a way though I'm more amazed that Kit Kat allow them to produce these sorts of inc...Read more

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Project Race - Meet the Crew!

There are a lot of people who are helping out with Race's new album on a daily basis and I am very happy that so many people have come on board to support Race with this great new venture. Each of them has brought their own skill-set to the table and in their own way are helping to ensure that the music Kelvin and Race are...Read more

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Crazy from Kong!

Well I've never been very good at sitting around and doing absolutely nothing with my life, not even when it's only for an hour or two. So when I discovered a couple of hours in my day still remaining unusused, I chatted with Arne and we came up with another fun idea to fill our time:

"Crazy from Kong"

The basic concept is to review weird, interesting, rare and unusual Asian snacks, foods and drinks. Every few days Read more

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