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Cosplayers of Comic Con


Comic Con definitely wouldn't be complete without the cos-players and there are definitely a hell of a lot of them!

Here are a few pictures for your general enjoyment:

The Villains...

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San Diego Comic Con


My apologies this has taken me so long to get up, as everything has been really hectic in the last 2 weeks since I got back, but I thought I would finally put up something about my trip to exhibit at San Diego Comic Con.

Comic Con is kind of an insane experience! People call it the geek convention of the world, but in reality it goes far beyond that. No doubt it holds more than it's fair share of lifelong comic fans (often referred to by ...Read more

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DevaShard Interview in US


Here I am being interviewed on Shazap.com about DevaShard

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Viilal - the life stealer


The assassins from the spine of the world instil deep fear into the hearts of men throughout the lands of Bhumi. Not truly alive, they exist only to take the lives of those they have been hired to. Unwavering focus and unshakeable resolve leads them relentlessly towards their assigned targets. Only the sun god has the power to strike fear into the life stealers.

Viilal is a member of this ageless clan from the land of Shyatha and his tar...Read more

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Characters of DevaShard


For the next few blog entries I will be going into detail about some of the major and minor characters that we have created for the DevaShard storyline.

As much as possible I will also be uploading artwork which showcases the development of these characters from the earliest rough pencilled sketches all the way to the finished people. In this way you will literally be able to see the individual characters of the graphic novel series comin...Read more

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Creatures of Bhumi


Beyond the animals that roam the lands of Bhumi, there are older, darker creatures that have taken this land as their own since before human memory.

Terrifying Ice Dragons scour the open tundra of Im-Himna occasionally ravaging the nearby settlements and terrifying the inhabitants.

Further South beings have harnessed the giant insects that roam the lands and are now commonly known as the insect rider...Read more

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Animals of Bhumi


What kind of world would it be that didn't have animals living in it? Well an empty and rather boring one for a start.

Bhumi in fact is a world filled with a myriad of animals and other creatures. Many of them are similar to those of the Earth (as Bhumi itself represents Earth in an ancient mystical time, before the world was torn) and some of them are vastly different.

I don't want to reveal all the different exciting animal in...Read more

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The Lands of Bhumi


After putting together our map of the world and then separating it down into different lands and looking at what the characteristics of each land and it's people would be, it was then time for us to start working on our concept art.

Of course this meant creating the actual close-up look and feel of all the different lands, so that we could have our main characters traveling through them and interacting with the people of each land.

<...Read more
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When first working on the concept of our new series DevaShard, one of the earliest decisions we took was to create our entire world first before working on the stories in detail.

This meant drawing up a map for the full world, then we had to work out the trajectory of the sun and three moons we had decided on and what effect this would have on the weather patterns and climates of the different parts of the world. Through this process we could decide whether different areas would be green and fertile, covered in ice or raw deserts. Finally we d...Read more

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The Creative Process

What lies behind the full creation of a comic?

This is something I myself wondered about many times when I was a kid.

As an adult my questions got a little more detailed. Did Jim Lee draw and colour his pictures? What on Earth did an inker do? Did Stan Lee write every comic book? Who comes up with the ideas for all these comic titles? And a whole bunch of other stuff.

Well it wasn't until one year ago when I was lucky enough to be one of the few people in the world to get the chance to work in a comic compa...Read more

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