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Ghost Style x Arne Venema - New Song + HOT! Music Video - Day I

Not so long ago Ghost Style and Arne Venema decided to get together and write some really interesting music, consisting of Ghost Style rapping and singing over fast drum'n'bass beats with a bit of electro thrown in for good measure. This sounded like a pretty cool project to me. And then it got even better...  They decided to shoot one of the most awesome music videos that I've ever heard of and then invited me to be a part of the production. Well I can tell you this all made me pretty happy and the shoots were not disappointing at all, quite the opposite, they were better than I expected! Well enough of the suspense, allow me to share with you some of the photos from Day 1 of the shoot and you can see for yourselves. Our stars of day 1 of the shoot meeting for the first time: They got on very well: And so the video commenced: With boats sailing by... and the sun setting in the sky... it got pretty heated: Director Arne Venema, Co-producer Joe Fiorello & AD Michael Chan got to work: Dolly shot: tracking: Well I can tell you that day 1 was VERY enjoyable! Apart from the obvious excitement of the day, we also managed to attract a large number of "interesting visitors" including an ageing Indian man in traditional garb, an aggressive Australian photographer who was keen to join in on the filming and a 5 year old girl who burst out crying the moment she saw what was happening, but was only taken away from the scene after her mother did some serious shouting at the father to stop gawking! Trust me, the shoot gets more exciting as it goes, so keep your eyes open for Days 2 - 5!!! Spen

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Seantierney e8 rouor
Notice Mr. Fiorello's left hand...
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Photo 62424
hahaha, Mr. Fiorello's hands are dodgy at the best of times...
大约 7 年 ago | flag as spam
wow, i'm having trouble imagining how this fits with a music video.... unless that song is on the soundtrack to a 70's p0rn0! :-P
大约 7 年 ago | flag as spam
Photo 505164
I can assure you my hand was behaving professionally through the entire shoot. At the time it was actually trying to stop an unruly bystander that kept trying to get past security and get on the set. hehehe
大约 7 年 ago | flag as spam
Photo 505164
No, if this was a 70's p0rn0 song, Mike Chan would be sporting a handlebar mustache and an afro. ; )
大约 7 年 ago | flag as spam
Photo 62424
Raffi, it's my dream to make a 1970's style porno for cinema. Something with a linear but dubious story-line and fantastically cheesy music shot on 35mm for the big screen! However, Arne keeps refusing every time I suggest it. He is actually a surprisingly conservative director.
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Photo 99631
Damn, I like all the reactions the shoot got! And I love the photos. ;)
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Photo 505164
Just posted up my photos from that shoot! ; ) http://www.alivenotdead.com/joefiorello/-Up-Down-Girl-Shooting-in-TST-profile-1084075.html?r_andhpphoto
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Photo 522873
they are so in love... profesional acting=)
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
oh dang....
大约 7 年 ago | flag as spam
Ghoststyle ea r0012191
Looking forward to the finish MV Spence! Dope
大约 7 年 ago | flag as spam
Photo 443826
ddddammmn, hawt stuff
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