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H to the K

Finally here.But is it worth the move?

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Voice Over Talent Wanted

Anyone based in HK who's interested to voice for a female-oriented channel?Male and female welcome. Drop me a message.  :)

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29 pearls in your kisses


Absolutely exquisite.

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Two of the best...

...photos I snapped from the event. It's Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg, y'all!![](/attachments/2011/12/01/09/99631_201112010926032.thumb.jpg)Nine of them...NINE! 

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Taking Love From Behind

And it was pretty good.

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Oh hello.It's been forever and a day since I've written anything particularly constructive here.Life's been crazy. Slow. Funny. Beautiful. Sad.Will probably have something more interesting to say later, but for now, here's a gratuitous picture of myself to flesh out this pointless entry.

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3 things

one a much-needed getaway end of this month.

destination - hong kong.

cash and credit cards will suffer. so will stomach.

i plan to devour dim sum every. single. day.

two complacency is evil. i am rotting inside out from it.

must find a way to break free.

any advice welcomed.

three i have been od-ing on overnight oats. it's the best breakfast ever.

everyone should try it and love it and adore it.

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new beginnings

Let the adventures officially begin.

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and so the sun sets...

Goodbye 2010!

You have been good and bad

Happy and sad

But I am SO ready to let you go

Have a stellar 2011, y'all!

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Abundant sunshine

The sun is good for you, my dears.

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因為陌生所以勇敢 因為距離所以美麗 ~*~ In the existence of your love, I have become non-existent The non-existence linked to you, is better than all existence


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