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New style, new landing page

New landing page for the remix of my hit single Big Ass Booties. Collaboration with DJ Mat. Photography by Ben Gebo. Go check it out now:

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Mobilesite Design: The Poster Show

This is a mobilesite I did for my buddy Jason. He's running The Say Something Poster Project. If you are in the Boston area, stop by the show on 2/26. We got 25 amazing posters on display. Final voting will take place that day to determine the 10 winners.I coded this using only HTML and CSS. It works on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, and Blackberry:

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Review: Kitano's Outrage

I finally review another movie! It's been exactly 8 months since I last wrote one. I should be writing more, because according to analytics, my reviews are getting the most hits on my blog. Anyway, read on, this is a review on the new yakuza film from the awesome Kitano. Enjoy.
Outrageously RepetitiveNew flick from Kitano, hell yeah! There's a lot to love in Outrage. First, Kitano is back at making yakuza films. How long has it been, you ask? 10 years! Last time Kitano made a yakuza film was back in 2000 when he released Aniki (brother). Why is this important? Well, what Kitano is to the Japanese cinema is like Martin Scorsese to the American cinema. He's most badass at making yakuza (Japanese equivalent of gangster) films. The only difference is, Kitano stars in all his films, because he's so fucking badass himself.Second thing to love in Outrage: the cast. Starring along side Kitano we see actors like Shiina Kippei, Miura Tomokazu, Kohinata Fumiyo, Kunimura Jun, Sugimoto Tetta, and Ishibashi Renji. All veteran badasses, except for Kohinata, he's mostly been in comedic roles, and he's in Outrage for a little bit of comic relief.Third thing to love is the violence. Man, there are scenes in this film that made me cringe and look away from the screen. If you are going to learn anything out of this film, it would be the variety of methods the yakuza can use to fucking kill you.With that said, you could tell I was fucking psyched to watch Outrage. So how was the end product? Well, not so good I'm afraid. My first complain: not enough Kitano!!! I'm not talking about style, the film is very much Kitano-ish. I'm talking about Kitano's role. It just wasn't big enough. I like Kitano as a director but I love him as the actor. He has his own unique acting style and is always a joy to watch, whether he's playing a maniac teacher (Battle Royale) or a quiet blind swordsman (Zatoichi) or a filmmaker parody of himself (Glory to the Filmmaker). I expected him to be the big boss and kicking everybody's ass in Outrage, but he only did a little bit of ass kicking and was killed off in the most un-epic way possible. His character was so one dimensional and had zero development. The same can be said about every character in this film though. I guess it was hard to develop the characters with such a huge cast.With characters having no depths, naturally there's not much for the actors to work with. So the performance was very average. I expected highly of this group. It was a shame for this cast not to shine in a film like this. There was  a bright spot though. Shiina Kippei's role wasn't big, but he made the most out of it. He was intimidating, scary, and funny at times. His character had different layers and I wish he was in it moreThe biggest downfall of Outrage though, was the paper thin story. It went like this: talk about killing, kill, talk about killing some more, kill again, repeat till all major characters die off, end. After the first hour, the film became so repetitive it was frustrating. It didn't even build up to an epic end fight. Everybody just died, no one put up a fight. And the ending? So predictable even my mom saw it coming and she wasn't paying much attention throughout the film.Overall, Outrage was a huge disappointment. Even though there was some action, but it wasn't enough to make the film badass. The cast's mediocre performance and the lack of character developments also hurt this film a lot. Well, I guess great filmmakers have their off days once in a while.Outrage trailer:

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Merry X'mas HO HO HO

See it in action: it in Safari or Chrome.Ho ho ho, merry xmas! This is a fun little page I made just in time for the holidays. Using some CSS3. You'll love it if you love How I Met Your Mother. 

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New design for my blogs

Hey all. Just wanted to show you my latest venture into html5/css3. For those who have no idea what html5 or css3 is, let's just say they are the new standards for building modern beautiful websites. I'm no master in coding yet, still learning tons of new stuff everyday, but I'm getting the hang of things. So without further ado, here's my latest greatest: mikeloveschina.comHere's a screenshot in case you can't access it in China for any reason And obviously, it wouldn't be a good website if there's no mobile versionBONUS: check out a blue version on my design blog

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Unubore Deka 自恋刑警

Has anybody been following the show Unubore Deka? It's seriously one of the funniest things I've seen lately. The show talks about a detective who got dumped by his long time girlfriend and was devastated by it. Trying to get over it, he falls for the girls involved in the cases he is investigating, but the girls usually turn out to be the criminals. Towards the end of each episode, he dresses in an all white suit and goes to arrest the girl. But there's a twist, he will present both an arrest warrant and a marriage certificate, and he makes the girl choose one. If the girl chooses to marry him, he will destroy all evidence. It's such a pathetic act and hilarity ensures. Check out the show and see if he ever gets accepted.

Here is a clip from the show, it shows what the detective does before an arrest/proposal: he dances.

Nagase Tomoya seriously nailed this character perfectly.

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Saxophone rendition of an Andy Lau classic

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This is nothing new, but if you haven't heard it yet, this is the remix done by my homeboy DJ Mat. It's got a little bit of house, great for playing in the clubs!Stream it here or on the music player on the right of my page   Emcee Hao - BAB (MATs Big Booty Mix) by budelmanor download it here

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doing some karaoke with joe fiorello and arne

joe fiorello and arne venema are two of the coolest cats in hong kong.

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Six Characters in Search of an Author

i went to check out joe's play last night, it was freaking awesome. everyone should go see it!!!

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