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30 days and 30 nights of TATTOOS

I tuned up my truck, paid all the bills, bought new underwear and now I'm making my check list.

Art Supplies, ipod, camping equipment, passport (cuz its hard to tell whos legal or illegal these days), reference books and magzines, camera, underwear and trees.

The only thing left to do is finish this freelance work, fill up my tank and start driving.

I'm trekking out to Tucson Arizona for a month of extensive tattoo training. Which is something

I've been saying for a long time, but now its time...for reals... I have no place to stay but I have a  great studio to work and learn ...and my brother waiting to guide me.

Destination, Red SKy Studio. I miss the desert. its calling me. Even though I've lived in California all my life, LA the last 15 years and I general gravitate towards colder areas , for some reason I love the desert, especially Tucson.

I've been meaning to make this trip for a bit. The art form of Tattoos is calling me. I've been out there a handful of times already, just sitting and watching my teacher, Philip J Felix. Watching technique is everything to me on this path but now its time to touch skin.  Its a huge, long journey with new challenges everywhere. Very exciting time. but  financial hardships kept me from investing in such a trip. taking a month off from hustling work while still paying your bills and paying for trips that include money being spent fucking every move you make can be a trick... but then the ancestors blessed me with some work that allowed me to make this next step towards a new chapter of art exploration and doing my best to stay in motion towards my dreams. I have to honor every opportunity that is given to me. This particular opportunity I consider a blessing.

So now I have to leave my lovely lady, Lisa, behind for the longest time we've ever been away from one another. We're ten days apart in age and we are gonna miss being together for both our birthdays. its hard on my heart, but nothing worth wild is easy. We can all relate to that. So  I feel like I'm in good company with everyone. lol but I can't tell you how much I'm gonna miss my lady. she's the bestest. she lets me do my thing and she makes just as many sacrifices as I do to do my thing. Shes solid...and can't forget my cat, Fishbone. the best cat in the universe. dude is 15 and still catching flies with a furry. I have good home. good homes are always hard to leave even for a short time. but its all about future! and my extended home and family. I've known Philip Felix for 15 years, he's my brother..so its all good.

When I get back I should be ready to continue poking skin a thousand times a minute. I already have lots of volunteers to build my portfolio. Its very humbling. I've never felt so much pressure to do my best. No eraser with this tool and people are trusting you with their skin. Huge responsibility. I don't take it lightly.

Friday morning I hit the road. its a 7 to 8 hour trip. good thing I have my ipod...and trees...after all I'll have plenty of time to converse with the other voices in my head.

I will post pictures from the journey. keep in touch.

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Good luck dude! Another colour to your palette of skills! Something tells me this is going to an interesting calling!? With your creative style its going to be an very interesting mix!!! Go for it dude! ;)
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