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RED SKY STUDIO promotional art

this piece was designed to promote my wonderful studio. www.myspace.com/redskystudio.

you can go to www.redskystudio.com but the site is unfinished and sucky. I'm currently

revampin that mofo.

So I'm the creative director for a art gallery tattoo studio. its beautiful. small but powerful. unfortunately I work remotely at the moment but go out from time to time to work. Next month I'm going out to start my tattoo apprenticeship. a long time coming I tell you what.

 this pieces is supposed to represent what we do in one image instead of a montage.

we do art and tattoos as well as sell jewelry. Define by Design.  I wanted to create images that were more photo real.  I had access to a beautiful model, Natasha. She's one of our apprentices as well. very talented. she modeled for this art and originally it was gonna be a photo manip but ended up being a paint over which gave it a nice hybrid look and I learned alot about likeness and detail. it ended up being a paint over cuz working with photos was tough for me. still is.

I just started doing photo shoots for painting reference. tough.

this isn';t the original. this is one that I gave an extra vintage texture treatment. maybe I'll post the original later so you can see the difference. lots of ways to take a piece. I call it the paradox of the infinite choice.

but really,  found this one first

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