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Be careful what you wish for. hahahahaha, no I'm not complaining...much. just a little maybe.

tiny tiny bit. because work is a blessing for sure. no doubt. and work that pays well is

an even better blessing. not as common of a blessing. but why is the work that pays well so

hard to work on and the work that pays me nothing so fun? rhetorical of course.

I'm juggling four gigs right now. I had a two month dry spell and that rocked my pocket.

spanked my head and kicked my tooky,  I've been through dry spells but this one was crazy cracked hot dry. ya know. I had to rethink what I was doing. thing is, I slept so sound. I had stress but it wasn't the stress that kept you up. I mean, I was doing everything possible to get more work out side of getting a normal job. I mean the work I;ve been getting for the last 11 years as a freelance artist. this was the worst in 11 years...these two months, BAMB bye bye cranium, bye bye. wow, it was more like three really. but I count the number of rent checks  I didnt make. man, but I;m still here. the ancestors blessed me with lots o work.  I'm kinda caught up but still broke as a mofo....but work is still flowing in and thats all I need. honest work....and I'm stoked to be associated with the work. no shame...well, kinda. there is some whoring going on, but damn and shit...I needed to whore a little. a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

but I told the ancestors that I would take anything to get me out of this moisture free zone. I needed to be financially hydrated. at least for a little time. I know security is an illusion, I just

needed a break from the struggle....yeah, work, break from the struggle.....mwahahahahaha

but again, work is a blessing. thank you, ancestors. I appreciate you keeping me alive and on a path.

hopefully I'll post more art soon....NEW art...hopefully

all my commission stuff is top secret as of now....stupid top secret....

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