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Happy Chinese New Year!

I have to admit…I totally didn’t know it was Chinese New Year’s until people started calling me last night to wish a happy one to me. And with all the people “throwing firecrackers” and such at me on Facebook, I should’ve known! My aunt even called and asked why I didn’t join them for dinner last night (yikes).

Anyway, it’s my mom’s fault. She told me it was next week! Pssh. And thus, I had booked a trip for next week up north (thinking I’d be able to collect my red envelopes…haha J/K!). Ah well. It’s always good to get away from LA and go somewhere much more chill like the parents’ house.

In other news, here’s a random still from the short I just produced:


“My First Crush” - Dir. Rocky Jo (pictured: Megan Lee and Max Phyo)

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