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Stella’s Notch

Last night, I was invited to check out a show at the Whiskey in Hollywood. I was able to catch a handful of bands of all different sounds. Some really good, some not so great. My favorite set for the night was Stella’s Notch. The sound was pretty amazing and I wish I had been able to capture some of it on video to share with you all! You can search on YouTube for some, but there aren’t many, cuz’ I guess they are a fairly new band, although the band members are not new to the scene. From what I hear, their lead singer, Melody, was pretty big a couple years ago in the Philippines as the lead vocalist for a band called Sugar Hiccup.

Photo by Karlo David

Back to last night’s show…the sound was overall great despite the occasional feedback, the energy was great, Melody looked hot, and it was pretty cool that they brought on a guest violinist, a taiko drummer (from the previous set’s Random Ninjas), and a real belly dancer! Yup, it was pretty wild. Oh, and turns out that last night was their official album release. They definitely put on a great show for their debut!

Anyway, I’m actually listening to their album, Beyond Wonderland, as I type this. It’s really great. Highly recommended.



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