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Casting Asian American female lead for HELLA

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**AROWANA FILMS presents:


We are looking for an Asian American female 18-30 to play a 21 year old junior college student entrepreneur. This is a female lead opposite a well known Asian American male lead.

The story takes place in the streets of San Francisco. Quick and witty, loud and obnoxious, short tempered but intelligent, stubborn but vulnerable, cute but ghetto, with a whole lot of soul–she will be one of two romantic leads in this film. Too smart for her own good, this is a coming of age story. And as an entrepreneur, her business is in the trafficking of marijuana.

We will be shooting a short film in March which will lead to the feature production in August of this coming year. This is an independent film with an affiliation to several reputable and prominent executive producers.

We are looking for Fresh New Faces and thus no experience is necessary. Please send your headshots, picture, resume, myspace, facebook, (make sure they’re public viewable) and we’ll contact you by Friday 10pm with time and instructions.

Email: arowanacasting@gmail.com

Subject: Saturday March 1st Casting Call

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

HELLA Synopsis

Writer and Director: Evan Jackson Leong

Producers: Carl Choi and Sal Gatdula

Hella is a feature film based in the city of San Francisco. This is a love story between a student and a mentor about the hustle of an underworld that revolves not only around drugs, gambling, and gangs but also aquarium fish. These two characters are connected by undying love and extreme vengeful hatred. But their world is surreal and as real as the weed they grow and smoke. This is a pulp fiction esque project that is both experimental and revolutionary.

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i'm going to post this up for you in the forum too...
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