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Under The Radar 07: PomplamooseMusic

I think these guys are interesting for a couple reasons:

1.  Their production (music) value is very high and, in fact, I believe they've already started getting producing jobs because of  it.  They have a nice, fun sound.

2.  They also make an effort to put together fun videos.  The videos are of home video "plus" quality - not hugely aesthetic, but definitely entertaining.

I think musicians who produce their own music will find this most interesting, but curious what other people th...Read more

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The Decline of of Name Talent Value

I was at a panel on film financing tonight and one very well established Distributor named Robby Little said something I found very interesting and underscored some of what I've been blogging about recently.

He coined it "The Susan Boyle Factor."

Basically - in one day Susan Boyle was world famous.  WORLD FAMOUS.   This is the first time in history that this phenomenon is possible.  In the past it took years of cultivating world fame - even if it was infamy more than fame.   But if Ms. Boyle ...Read more

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My Official Complete Demo Reel - ONLINE!

I've posted my entire Demo Reel online.  This is not, of course, everything I've shot, just a sample of the kinds of work I've done. 

CLICK THIS LINK TO VISIT THE DEMO I've been very forunate to get so much directing work without ever having an agent, but I'm hoping now to acquire some representation so that I can do more television episodic work as well as pursuing features.  If anyone who reads this happens to enjoy my work and ...Read more

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Movie Budgets - the New Models

At this point I think we're looking at two kinds of movie budgets versus five.

It used to be:

1) Ridiculously high price tag blockbusters  (100m +)

2) Medium high studio films  (30ish to 60ish million)

3) High Indies (2 to 30 m independently made then studio picked up.

4) Low Budget Indies (mostly direct to video 500k to 2m)

5) Ultra low and micro budget indies (under 500k... rarely break out, but do sometimes)

I think the future is:

1) Ridiculously high price ...Read more

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Behind the Photos -

Just saw this video.  I think for a site like this one which has a lot of people looking at a lot of beautiful people it's a decent movie to see to keep things in perspective.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYfwIAWWH6M

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Performance Art - live drawing

I saw this and it reminded me of sort of a developed form of what Pat Lee has been doing with his live drawing shows and I wondered if this is a bit of a shape of things to come for the performance world.  The interesting thing to note is the question:

Have we become so reliant on and accustomed to graphical cheats that to see someone actually be able to create in front of us carries a new weight?

Video: Read more

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2009 Demo Reel Intro Montage

After several years of delay, I'm finally putting my demo reel together and this is the introduction montage.  There are a few new pieces showing up in here.  There are two ways to watch it.  I recommend them in this order:

1)  Drag your browser out wider, then click here for a full screen high quality mo...Read more

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Fifteen Minutes of Fame

This is a side note to my last blog entry.

When Andy Warhol said "In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes," he was talking specifically that everyone would sit in front of his camera for fifteen minutes as was the ritual for entering his factory.   

Why did this statement resound so strongly with people?

I think though that what really sparked with people in that idea is that there are moments in everyone's lives where they feel famous.  It might be their wedding, it might be their b...Read more

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The End of Celebrity

In the sixties, when someone would enter Andy Warhol's Factory in New York, they would be required to sit in front of a camera for fifteen minutes.  One day he said "In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes" referring to this ritual.   This has often been quoted out of context and the way that it resounds with people I will talk about in my next blog - but this one is about the kind of celebrity that was growing at the time he made this statement... super stars.

There has and will always be people ...Read more

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Under The Radar 06: Jess Delgado

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