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Movie Budgets - the New Models

At this point I think we're looking at two kinds of movie budgets versus five.

It used to be:

1) Ridiculously high price tag blockbusters  (100m +)

2) Medium high studio films  (30ish to 60ish million)

3) High Indies (2 to 30 m independently made then studio picked up.

4) Low Budget Indies (mostly direct to video 500k to 2m)

5) Ultra low and micro budget indies (under 500k... rarely break out, but do sometimes)

I think the future is:

1) Ridiculously high price tag blockbusters  (100m +)

2) Everything else independent which will mostly be in the sub 1m range and even more commonly sub 500k)

I think the ultra micro budget world will be so filled with competition, it will be difficult to break out but very niche concepts will actually flourish.

Very much like the music industry I think that the industry will become more workable for more people, but less lucrative for everyone.

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"very niche concepts will actually flourish" I don't mind this :) Honestly, thanks for sharing the info.
over 14 years ago
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I agree, the middle is dying. and it's definitly becoming troublesome.
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