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Los Angeles's First AliveNotDead Event

Just wanted to say I had a great time at Los Angeles' first Alive Not Dead event hosted by Grace Su, Annie Chang, and Terence Yin.

I tried my best to take the opportunity meet everyone I could from the site.  I know I missed some people and rushed through a few too many as well.  If you were there and we didn&#...Read more

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Charts Set To Music

My friend Dominik shared this link with me and I had to share it here...  ...I just like when things are taken out of one context and put into another for a new perspective... and setting it all to songsmith songs that horrendous Microsoft "composition" application just makes it all perfect.

I write my perception of this below... but first, the show:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-BZfFakpzc Okay - and now for my spin on this:

...Read more
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Tinkerchel: Her Tribute

I introduced alivenotdead to a rising YouTube star named Tinkerchel just about a year ago.  I just wanted to share her current video with anyone who reads my blogs along with the text she posted in the "more info" sideline.

You can find her here on alivenotdead:  Tinkerchel

Video: http://www.youtube...Read more

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A Message from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs handed over the day to day operations of Apple to COO Tim Cook until June.

His health is having complications.   Right now all the talk is about the stock prices and Apple.  Many companies have survived their founders - especially great ones like Apple.   Apple will do fine though it may be roller coaster for a bit.

But instead of focusing on that - I want to share a clip of Jobs that might hold some sage wisdom about his path to success.... it's linked below, but here is one quote:

"For t...Read more

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Guitar Hero Sparks Economy

I found this article interesting because entertainment people are always trying to figure out how to make an income in the new paradigm of media.  There is definitely a clue here:

Quote from this article:

ArsTechnica.com Article Link

The Opposable Thumbs blog reports that Guitar Hero III has reached a financial milestone, becoming the first individual video game to reach ...Read more

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Under The Radar 05: Rosie Thomas

I've really enjoyed this song "Much Farther To Go."  I don't know much about the artist other than she's based in Seattle and is currently touring the country - she came up on my Pandora list and so I listened to a few more songs and I thought I'd share.


SeeqPod - Playable Search

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Money: Record Labels and Credit Cards

For the majority of the last century this was how record labels worked:

1)  Find some band who people will like, sign them to an exclusive contract.

2)  Give the musicians a lot of money to make their album and then give them money to go on tour and stay in fun hotel rooms - encourage them to live the life of rockstars - it makes for good press, it makes them happy, it makes them seem like super stars.

3)  Make sure there is this one caveat in the contract:   Whatever is spent, they will owe the ...Read more

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Money: Debt

Because of the state of the economy and the fact that several people in my resolutions blog mentioned wanting to get out debt - I decided to write a little bit about Money... starting with debt.

1.  Drop the emotion.  Don't feel like you're a bad person or done something totally wrong to be in debt.  Most people - certainly people who went to college - are in debt at some point.  Some very seemingly rich people are actually living in debt - this is partially what caused our current credit crisis... but first thing - drop the any ...Read more

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I am a big believer not only in making resolutions, but forming a plan to achieve them.

The difference between a dream and a reality is a plan to get there from here.

Last year around this time I asked readers to share their resolutions.  I'd like to do the same this year.  I'd also like to hear from the readers who shared last year to know your successes as well as your challenges and to know how you might change your plan if your resolutions weren't kept.

LAST YEAR (edited)

Read more

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The Film Look

Since Daniel Wu linked me in his latest post regarding the RED camera, I thought I would give a little technical information about why something looks "good" and "like film" and why something else looks like "video" and "not as high production quality."

This is technical and has nothing to do with lighting style or color grading which makes a huge difference - but since were talking ca...Read more

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