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Do You REALLY Care about the Environment?

A lot of people care about the environment and encourage cleaner electricity and slam other people who are big wasters of energy and greenhouse gas producers.

But what is the single biggest greenhouse gas producer on the planet?

Do you know? 

If you could help stop it, would you?

I'll give you a hint.  It's not cars.

In fact - it's a bigger problem than all the other categories combined!

Watch this video to find out:

Video: Read more

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Fans and Friends


My daily job is basically to evaluate people's talents and hire them onto projects.  Basically every year I hire well over a hundred artists to work on various projects.  One might think it's really great because you get to hand money to talented artists.  But on the flip side, that means that I'm not hiring many times more than the number I do hire.  It's a tough thing to do when you're surrounded by creative people who need work because sometimes people you like are just...Read more

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I Once Knew [my music]

At the end of last year I wrote and produced a song.  It's not something I do often.  The lovely Arden Cho lent her voice to the track.

(there should be a QT player below.)

www.ardencho.comnow on alivenotdead:  Arden Cho I Once Knew music and lyrics by Mark Allen<...Read more

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Scams and Schemes

As I was quickly reviewing my daily spam folder to make sure nothing was lost - it occurred to me.... It's just amazing how many people are trying to rip you off.  It's truly profound how many scams and schemes there are all over the internet.   From stock scams to personal scams. 

These scams and schemes are not just on the internet - I think the cheapness of spamming just makes us see the same ones so many times that we easily recognize them.  These scams are all over the place.

For example, when I first formed my...Read more

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Writing: The Whole Story

I've blogged a lot about writing since arriving at alivenotdead - so I've assembled all my writing blogs below.They're offered here in the order they were written, but if you were to only read one - I would suggest Dilemma vs. Obstacle. A lot of times I will write a blog about acting or another subject - but it's equally applicable to writing - but here I'm really just focusing on the writing-based blogs.If you read them... EnjoyRead more

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My Story Rebellion

When I graduated from college, I pronounced to anyone that would listen that I wanted to make films that had no story.  I had become so tired of story being proclaimed as "king" - and was a bit of an artistic rebel and felt this was the cause I would champion.

After creating a few projects under this philosophy - I realized that no matter what I did, I could not get away from story.  It was around this time that I realized that story is built into our genetic code  Just as we might look at clouds and recognize faces - we ...Read more

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Valentine's Day Mix Tape

In the historical and teenaged tradition of the giving of "mix tapes" to the one you're fond of - I offer this to everyone who reads my blog... a mix tape.

Hopefully you discover something you like.  If anything stands out, let me know.

I think I may have posted a couple songs before, though you can always skip the ones you don't want to hear :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

SeeqPod - Playable Search

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Things That Frighten and Offend Most Everybody

I stumbled upon this youtuber - mitchmagee who has a series of really fantastic videos and is surprisingly under the radar still.  Perhaps, not for everyone, but I really appreciate the actor's performance.

So - without further ado or explanation.  Here is.... one video from mitchmagee:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tposah48UDs&feature=channel

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Today I crossed over 100,000 views.

THANK YOU I'm very touched and honored that people have any interest in my thoughts.

I've been asked why I don't blog about myself as much as I do about concepts, methodologies and observations.  I actually feel that in talking about these things I am revealing more about who I am and how I think than if I were to tell you about my recent trip to somewhere.  

I do wish I could share more of my work more often, but it can take up to 2 years before I am allowed to show something I&...Read more

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Anki - a great learning tool

I recently found this learning tool called "Anki."

It's a flashcard system which is nothing new... but what it does that's fantastic is that it times out the recurrence of the cards in order to increase memory by "spaced repetition.".  

I know there are a lot of students here and I cannot recommend this enough.  There are a bunch of card sets for various subjects already - but you can very eaily make your own as well.

A spaced repetition system is a great thing because it addre...Read more

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