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A Los Angeles alivenotdead Gathering - FINALLY

We are finally having  our second alivenotdead gathering in Los Angeles.

This one is focusing on artists and breaking through in today's world (transitioning from hobbyist to professional).   But it's not just for the artists, we hope all alivenotdead members will come and join us.

Here is the information - ticket sales will begin next week.  I think they will be as cheap as possible to pay just for the bare necessities like locations, so expect like $10 or so.

This is the aliveno...Read more

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my YouTube 5 year story - in TEXT

I didn't make a video of this because I haven't really started vloging.  Thought about it... but.... anyway - here's my text form.

I originally avoided uploading anything to it because I was warned "That copy-write ownership TOS is crazy, don't put your stuff there!!!!" 

So I didn't put anything up there until about a year later when I wanted to test it out for a client, so I recorded me doing a particular game maneuver that not too many people knew how or could do on a test acc...Read more

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Benise: The Spanish Guitar (now on PBS)

A PBS (Public Television in the United States, nationwide) Special I directed last year has been airing all over the US for the last month in most cities. It was a tough project to make because the budget was one third of what the musician had for his previous special and even that one wasn't well funded.  (I keep hoping someday someone will come t me saying "We have more ...Read more

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Monster Engine - Kids drawings into Art

This relates to a much earlier blog I wrote about photographers bringing to life kids drawings.  In this case, thought, it is an illustrator bringing years of training to the ideas of children and, again, it's a fun result.

I think it shows where artistry can take a simple idea and make it something special.  It also shows how valuable simple ideas can be.


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Leadership and The First Follower

A great lesson in leadership with a perfect unplanned example. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW8amMCVAJQ

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Carrie Underwood Concert Footage

A few days ago we sent out the final videos for the Carrie Underwood 2010 concert tour.  If you're not familiar with her, she's the number one female country artist in the US with 11 number one songs.  Pretty popular.    She didn't really need to do a big show, people would still show up, but the goal with this concert was to go beyond expectation and give the audience a complete experience with the music.  The show director was Raj Kapoor with whom I've worked with for many years now and my responsibility as ...Read more

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In SF tonight for alivenotdead Party

I'll be in San Francisco tonight for the alivenotdead x SF 2010 event.  If you read my blogs and are there be sure to say hello.  I don't.... think.... I'll be too hard to spot.  Just a hunch   :)

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Prediction Confirmed - Movie Budgets

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"Embrace Life" PSA

I didn't have anything to do with this, but I thought it was well done and that I'd share it.  PSA's are hard to give personality to and this one is uniquely well done I thought. (more comments after the link - though consider watching at youtube for HD)Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-8PBx7isoMRead only after watching....I think this particular subject strikes an additional chord with me because my life was saved by a seat belt when ...Read more

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Technology Review: Apple's iPad

Just a quick review of what I see from the news feeds on Apple's introduciton of their iPad

Feeling: Neutral.

Pros: Price ($499), screen full sized keyboard, reportedly a very fast chip (Apple's own), Lots of potential depending on what developers make, they're emphasizing text and the eReader capabilities, but the inset video and media seem more i...Read more

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