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Six Unusual Things About Me

 I'm afraid I've been tagged by Shorty to say six unusual things about me...  oh, the things one does to try to fit in.

So, here they are (in no particular order, and - frankly - no particular reason these things won out over any others I didn't mention):

1)  Eventhough a significant part of my income comes from the television world - I don't actually have a television (no cable, no antenna).

2)  Not only do I not drink, but I've never had alchohol in my life - and not because of any rel...Read more

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Indy Success Despite Piracy|盜版傷不到獨立成功

That is a great thread going in the comments of the last blog, I figured I would pick up from there and focus the question to sort of finish this "indy" trilogy blog.

Let's address the question:  Since you can't control the world and instantly stop Piracy, how can independent artists who don't want to just be poster-children for products actually make a living making music or movies?

I'm assuming that you can't fight piracy because every copy protection scheme ever mass produ...Read more

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Priacy Leading To Corporate Superstars | 盜版帶來全團超級明星

Continuing on the "indie" concept and responding to something Lynn said in the comments, I thought I'd bring up something which I'm not sure most music and movie lovers realize.

I don't want to sound like a fan of hunting down teenagers who are sharing music with their friends... but I thought I might point something out which I don't see mentioned much and which I find to be a little worrisome.

In this new age of where everything is easy to pirate - music, movies, ...Read more

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Defining "Independent" | “獨立”的定義

There is a lot of reference to being "independent" and so I thought I might put some thoughts out there to the alivenotdead.com world for discussion....

When is an artist independent?  When do they lose their independence?

Where does the line between "selling records" and "selling out" get crossed?

In addition to talent and all the things people know any artist needs - there is something that is one of the lesser discussed needs:  an audience.

Presumably...Read more

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Hello World

Hello from Los Anglees!  I'm excited to be a part of Patrick Lee's next huge internet venture!

Tonight, my company, Allucinari, and I are finishing up the videos I directed for the 2007 Fall Out Boy concert.  It's 4am, so I can't write long, but defintiely wanted to say a first hello!

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