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My Official Complete Demo Reel - ONLINE!

I've posted my entire Demo Reel online.  This is not, of course, everything I've shot, just a sample of the kinds of work I've done. 

CLICK THIS LINK TO VISIT THE DEMO I've been very forunate to get so much directing work without ever having an agent, but I'm hoping now to acquire some representation so that I can do more television episodic work as well as pursuing features.  If anyone who reads this happens to enjoy my work and has contacts with a reputable agency for literary (directing/writing) talent, I would very much appreciate any contacts.  I've spent a lot of time learning my craft, but not as much time networking.

The website will play the demo reel just like a DVD, except higher quality.   You can even select to see the movie in full screen mode (far right button when playing the movie).

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I applaud the new renovations to your official site. All the work is inspiring to say the least. Congrats. PS - Least Likely style vision should be a full feature. The martial arts part really got me.
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