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Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Preview on CW network TV

There is a sneak preview of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight starring:Matt Mullinstomorrow at 9:30am on the CW for kids (in the US).THIS IS FOR 8 YEAR OLDS.  (8 to 12) - So - just keep that in mind for a perspective... if you're not the demographic, you might find it a bit ridiculous or absurd.Read more

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Directing & Improvising Visual Effects: An Article in Creative Cow Magazine

I was interviewed for an article in Creative Cow Magazine (again).

The first article was about Creatiing Visual Effects from the standpoint of a director telling a story.  The new article is about Improvis...Read more

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The alivenotdead Cast

Half our cast today was from alivenotdead!

It's Patrick's artists helping artists dream come true, so I took a quick photo to commemorate the moment.

I'm still in production and with very little sleep - so I can't blog about it but just to say...


Grace Su, Justice, and Sam...Read more

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Who Wants To Be On TV?

This is a temporary posting only because it's something that will come up and go away fast.  It's also specifically only for people  in Los Angeles or near.... if that's not you... it won't be interesting to read....

People always come to me and say "Hey - put me on TV!"  Well, normally, that's just not possible - but because I have a particularly odd situation with a job, I can....

I'm directing dramatic introduction spots (30 seconds) for a show on the History Channel where it was a ...Read more

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Emerging Artist: Kerli - Walking On Air

She's not exactly "under the radar" and the song isn't exactly new - but I still figured that some people would have not seen it and would enjoy the video for it's design qualities if nothing else, so I'm sharing.  Enjoy.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ML31x_nnXZ4&fmt=18

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A New Day - Obama

Tonight, as I was watching Obama's acceptance speech, I actually felt for the first time in many years proud and hopeful for my country.  It was a good feeling.  We have a reasonable, articulate man in charge once again and I hope the world gives us a chance to regain their respect. I recorded my vote for posterity.  :)

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The Least Likely

It is now less than one week before the US presidential election and in many people's opinion America's last hope to return to being the respectable nation that it once was.  I believe it will happen... but only if there is an overwhelming turn out for change - and that means Obama.

In honor of this call to vote, I'm uploading a video that I directed and was produced with fellow alivenotdead artists Kelly Hu for the 2004 election.

If you've nev...Read more

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Good vs. Evil

This is for discussion.

It seems like most science fiction and fantasy films are about Good vs. Evil on a large scale.  While dramas will often focus on subtle human dilemma's - most science fiction or fantasy puts the entire world, civilization, or universe in peril.

Lord of the Rings - The darkside threatens to take over.

Star Wars - The dark side of the force threatens to take over.

The Matrix - The dark side has already taken over and we're just realizing it now.

I could go on and on.

...Read more

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Gravity (seeqpod)

Two songs named Gravity...

One is from an up and coming artist - Sara Bareilles.

The other from an official AnD artist - Vienna Teng.

Sara Bareilles toured on her own for six years until one day a youtube clip someone shot of her ended up going viral and caught the the attention of a much wider audience.  I think it's a great lesson in the idea that you just make sure you're totally ready for when luck finally strikes.  If luck strikes too...Read more

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Character Design

Some movies have heros like John Wayne who look like every other person, only act differently.   We definitely remember them, but we might remember the actor more than the characters because the characters tend to blend over time and not leave a lasting impression.  Everyone knows that John Wayne was a famous actor, not many people could actually name many characters he played.  We do however recognize the icon of "cowboy."  The hat would give it away even if he was in silhouette.

Read more

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