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I happened across this video while doing some dance research and I was really struck by it.  Apparently I'm not alone - it's been watched over 4 million times by now.

What struck me was how many times you see dancers doing certain moves that are simply "moves."   In and of themselves, they are just body positions people take that symbolize that someone is dancing.   However, it's really enlightening when you see someone who totally embodies what those "moves" were intended to be.  I think it's not unlike th...Read more

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It's My Party

I'm going to try to start sharing more of the work I've done as a director.  I just got permission to share this video which I shot over a year ago.

This was an unusual video to shoot because in addition to being overly ambitious for the budget, the video had to match the ad campaign - but the ad campaign changed several times - even after the video was shot.

The basic idea presented to me was that the guests were all matching their hair to their clothing as well as have their own reality and issue (hungry, tired, lo...Read more

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Fallen - Stills

I decided that it would be not a bad idea to share some of the imagery from my video "Fallen" without the youtube size and compression issues.  They can been seen at a much larger size by clicking on them.

The video they are from:


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US Financial Fear Tactics

Not one of my usual topics - but I have been watching the US financial world with some concern and thought I'd put out some information, thoughts, and questions - becaue my concern is a little different than those watching home prices or stock values fall.  My concern is about the suspicious solutions.

1.  The Federal Reserve - the company that decides interest rates and prints money is not a part of the US Government.  It is an independent company.  Companies are in business to make money.  Interesting fact to note.  Th...Read more

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The New Happy Birthday Song

In honor of Alive Not Dead's RACE WONG who has a birthday tomorrow...

...I am introducing to Alive Not Dead...  THE NEW HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG.

As you might not know - the current Ha...Read more

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Normally I don't show the more commercial work that my company does here because it's for like a luxury car company or something and pretty standard stuff.  However, recently we did some spots for a company of which my brother Sean is the CTO.  They also happen to have a really cool media-related product for windows mobile phones.  If you have a windows mobile phone, you might be particularly interested.  It's only been released for just over a week and has already been called the best media interface and the wall street journal postulated...Read more

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Tech Thoughts from the Set

It's been a while since I've done some filmmaker tech talk - so here's a bit of tech talk for the filmmakers.  I warn you in advance this is a bit scattered. I'm not sure the angle is doing justie to how high up that ceiling is. 

The greenscreen  alone is 37'. 

That light in the center pointing down is being held up on a forklift.

I was directing a commer...Read more

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The Thing You Know

Okay - this is an "audience participation" blog....  you can even turn it into your own blog if you like (but please share it here as well)/.. but what I'd like to ask of anyone who is so inclined is to comment here (and blog yourself if you like) about this:

What is the thing you know?

Meaning - at this point in your life... what is one piece of wisdom that you find to be true.  In order to unify the responses a bit, I'll set some guidelines.

1)  Ideally it's something you've discovered yo...Read more

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What's Your Point?

[Spoiler alert - I talk about the Blade Runner in this blog post.]

Filmmakers often feel like their movies must have a message.

This is not true.

However, a movie should have a point.  A point does not need to be propaganda.  Usually propaganda isn't as rewarding or provocative or meaningful for the audience as a would  be simply a "point."

A point could be just a question, a notion, an observation.

For example - a movie with the message "war is bad" might be good intentio...Read more

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If you wait for permission...

...you will be waiting a long, long...



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