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Yep, maybe two more countries and Hawaii next month. What can I say? I get around. ¯_(ツ)_/¯… https://t.co/k6tPISxix4

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I would but I'm trying to sleep ✈️😳 https://t.co/02vnN8GLWk

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Set foot in 12 different countries this year so far and it's not over yet. 2016 = ✈️😳 #PerpetualJetlag

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Mushu's snoring in bed next to me is like music to my #jetlagged ears. 🐺 💤🎶👂🏻✈️😳

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Seeing 6 #UNESCOWorldHeritageSites! Live for that kinda thing. #Wanderlust #ILikeOldStuff #BringOnTheJokes https://t.co/SAbdw37TKc

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Aw that was a great photo! Hope you healed up okay. https://t.co/JOcN5Mm5Dl

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I miss my hang, too! Wish I was there with you guys! https://t.co/AwwfeiUBNs

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She would but I have her on my bed & it's too high to jump so she's pretty much trapped & has to put up w my unwant… https://t.co/9rY636Iy67

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Am I a terrible mom bc I keep waking up my dog to squeeze her bc I missed her so much? Clearly I missed her more than she missed me.

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My dream project!!! https://t.co/R1bhG5lWVp

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