Kelly Hu

“@goodniceguy: @KellyHu What was that weird sound? Maybe the microphone”. Canned applause maybe?

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Yes!!! JK Simmons!!! #SAGAwards

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“@drumhellor: @KellyHu I'm not watching the S A G awards. Did you win?” Yeah, in my dreams!!!

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Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!!!! Congrats to all the ladies of #OrangeIsTheNewBlack You go Girls!!! #SAGAwards

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Yes, Crazy Eyes!!!! #SAGAwards

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“@onegemini: @KellyHu Oooo... I'm jealous. Mainly cos you said "sushi" and I have none. :(” Hate to tell u, it was amazing!

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Delicious time judging the @KikkaSushi Iron Chef Competition 2nite! My new obsession #ForbiddenRice #CongratsBlueTeam

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RT @BillWongLLC: Thx @KellyHu for supporting #AB96 to shut down illegal ivory trafficking in CA that threatens global elephant & rhino spec…

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@shanejumper your having a Kelly Hu festival! Stock up on the popcorn!

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What's the appropriate date to keep holiday decor up until? June? July?

AllMyHardWork #FinallyReadyForChristmas

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Kelly Hu


Hometown Honolulu
`nickname` Kelly Hu
Traditional Chinese Name 胡凱莉
Job Actor

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