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Haha! Anytime you get to throw cuffs Ina guy is a good day 😜 https://t.co/g3gkmVTflR

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Anytime! She has plenty to spare! https://t.co/fAEPq32Ftl

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Likes are free and unlimited https://t.co/luPMJJV6o8

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Aw, it sure does! Cutie! https://t.co/8bjJgYCpjg

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Not so sure about that https://t.co/zZJ03RRfb4

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I'd bet pretty much the same as it is on immigrants. https://t.co/h9DWhUrcn1

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Awwww, congrats Gramps! https://t.co/NqUa6gGrE3

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RT @DaleSchoonover: @KellyHu I have to say I think we should get rid@of@them all and start from scratch. https://t.co/Bj1Ap8iNFC

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It's not even so much that I'm not in the republican side, I'm not so left, but I just can't understand Trump. https://t.co/1Wyp01yAfW

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Not a Trump supporter. Just amazed by the fact he's come this far https://t.co/XpfTGISU1F

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