Kelly Hu

Hanging with therealstanlee at the launch of his new chocolate bar! #AddingToMyChocolateObsession…

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@Misskatrinalaw @TheRealStanLee @AliciaMarieBODY @mirellytaylor @brian_tee what face am I making???

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RT @Misskatrinalaw: Celebrating @TheRealStanLee 's new chocolate bar!!! @KellyHu @aliciamariebody @mirellytaylor @brian_tee Crazy kids! htt…

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RT @cindycowan1000: Supporting #operationUSA & it's founder @richard.m.walden with @KellyHu @RealColinBlake @reneetenison @rosietenison h…

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RT @viana_matthew: Today is the 2 year anniversary of My favorite show of the world and Mutation Day BEST SHOW EVER!!!!! #TMNT…

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RT @cindycowan1000: "Hanging out in LA on a Saturday watching @TheBeachBoys play with @JohnStamos @cindycowan1000 and @KellyHu 🎶🎤🎸" http:…

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Rockin' to thebeachboys in my friend's back yard w/ cindycowan colinblake @RosieTenison @ReneeTenison…

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Went to the store to pick up some coffee for the morning and ended up with 10 bars of artisan…

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RT @ShaneLukas: Please help if you can, adopt @KellyHu in the @PeaceFundPoker tournament October 11! It's a great charity!…

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Kelly Hu


English Name Kelly Hu
Hometown Honolulu
Languages Spoken english
`nickname` Kelly Hu

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