Kelly Hu

RT @JRGBud4: @KellyHu. Look who's for the month of August on The Arrow 2015 calendar.

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Seriously, Bro... don't make me have to take you out, too.

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Shouting in your rear... I mean EAR!

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RT @ShowMeFamily: Who wore it better? #Arrow #Defiance #XMen @KellyHu @nicholegalicia #HalleBerry #ItsAllAboutTheHairBaby…

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RT @briankirchoff1: @dblackanese @KellyHu even in Moscow I meet someone you know Deric!!!!! #kellyhu #livelife #moscow #russia…

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RT @Tastazou: @KellyHu In sum, I think I'm speaking for everyone when I say we'd rather you tweet us more instead of reading a book! :)

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Thot- I'm not following nuff pple on social media to keep occupied on set btwn scenes. Then heard voice in my head say"READ A FRICKEN BOOK!"

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RT @Tastazou: @kellyhu Between this and #CeciltheLion (saw your FB post), not a good week for glorious animals.

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Thanks for sending. Not seeing this stuff in Moscow. Love me some Jimmy K!

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