Kelly Hu

“@boringlydull: @KellyHu ouch! Sorry about the tooth. Which tooth? Curious I didn't know those seeds were that hard?” Least it's a molar

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“@QMxInsider: @KellyHu As long as it’s more love than hate… :) Happy holidays!!” Always <3 <3 <3

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Got a huge run of the most amazing cookies from @QMxInsider. Thanks Andy! I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you...

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Aw crap, just broke a tooth eating a salad I made with pomegranate seeds. That's what I get for trying to be healthy!

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Is it too late to start a petition to delay XMAS for a few weeks? I just can't get my act together this year. Who's With Me!?!

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“@JamesBamford: Once again....thanks to all the fantastic #Arrow fans out there for your undying support....always.” I'm UR fan Bam Bam!

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Hanging w/ @TiaCarrere & @JEANGLUCK at the @CAPEUSA event tonight. #AsianSisters #CoalitionOfAsianPacificEntertainers

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Doing this tomorrow! #givingBloodIsFree #NoCostDonation

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RT @DanPovenmire: The absolutely lovely @KellyHu, today playing the roll of "Disembodied Head" apparently.

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Look who gets to fly home!!! Sooooo Happy!!! #MushuMiles

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Kelly Hu


Simplified Chinese Name 胡凯莉
Languages Spoken english
Gender female
Hometown Honolulu

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