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@cryengine1007 yeah, I'm sure most guys wouldn't need a whole hour, but why prorate? Cheap bastards

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@Spyder_Jones ...and this is why I don't live in Ohio

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Judging by this I can clear about $250/hr. More than most people make.

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@ShaneLukas That sounds more Catholic than Zen to me.

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Tell me again how meditation is different from sleeping. #StartedMeditatingEndedUpSleeping #GottaPracticeMore

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RT @mmonogram: The lovely and talented @kellyhu (Stacy)!

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Love that Kelsey Crane did this response. Go Girl! Hot Emotional Unavailability Matrix - A Woman's Guide to Men

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@MargHelgen Thanks Marg! Aloha to you, too!

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1st #TBT post. This goes waaaay back. My G-G-Grandma, Kaleiho'opio Kellet of Kaua'i 1857-91. I treasure this photo.

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Why do we need to hear the tragic details of Robin William's death??? The Marin County Police should NOT be sharing this. Have some respect!

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Kelly Hu * official artist


Job Actor
Gender female
English Name Kelly Hu
Simplified Chinese Name 胡凯莉