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Celebrating my birthday, un-Valentines Day and Mushu’s birthday tonight. Thank you to grantkimura for cooking dinn… https://t.co/cTKokBCFiW

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Years and years of shooting with my old family friend, @RTFOTO. These photos illustrate a good deal of our long jo… https://t.co/taIw7QDfW3

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Aw love you so much, Rodney! https://t.co/3wUcle9vaQ

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Aw thank you! https://t.co/aPThlhVFw8

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Love you so much Sister! https://t.co/tHZSgFodV8

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flashing back to October 1 when I was on a horse in Ojai. That area was just recovering from a fire about a year b… https://t.co/uO7sjvvAZh

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Finally getting into the Christmas spirit now that all my decorations are up. Ended with a little alter with my da… https://t.co/nWa81i2N4l

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Everything but drama https://t.co/KLNdqiE1Gi

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Reminds me of a quote from my ex’s dad, Harvey. He used to say, “In life you’re gonna have to eat a lot of sh*t so… https://t.co/SQiqI4G0fX

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