Kelly Hu

1st full night of sleep. So much that I slept right thru my alarm this AM. Guess those black out windows worked. Maybe the jet lag is over!

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@Sman80 Shooting a film!

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Hard getting over jet lag when Moscow sun comes blazing thru curtains at 4AM. Finally got windows blacked out. Let's see if it helps.

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I think Bai knows all about that, but thanks for the warning for me.

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First night in Moscow. Drove past St Basil's Cathedral. So excited to be here! It's gonna be an awesome adventure! #Grateful

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RT @yakkopinky: We are (TMNT) Family!! 🎶 @GregCipes @maebirdwing @ClevelandJr @SethGreen @SeanAstin @KellyHu

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