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RT @Tastazou: @kellyhu Between this and #CeciltheLion (saw your FB post), not a good week for glorious animals.

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Thanks for sending. Not seeing this stuff in Moscow. Love me some Jimmy K!

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Then There Were 4 1 of only 5 Northern White Rhinos in the world died @ Czech Republic zoo #RIPNabire natgeo's photo

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None. That's why I chose the pageant without a talent portion.

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No, just the pageant where I didn't need a talent and got cash prizes. Didn't think much of scholarships back then.

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Good for you! Wish I was there to volunteer too. We could bring back the Best Buddies Cheerleaders! Uh oh.

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Fong feel you have to see them all. There are some you should probably just overlook.

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Wow, must be a slow news day there.

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Aw, I sure miss that Ian fella, too. What a great guy.

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