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Rushmore, Graceland, Hike Grand Canyon, Balloon ride in NM, Cattle drive ala City Slickers, etc https://t.co/HG9KGA08HJ

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RT @AdrianWillis84: @Showmasters #tbt July 2015 #LFCC @KellyHu https://t.co/gWx1tTR7zZ

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I wish! Barcelona is on my bucket list! https://t.co/T6KKOw4DjC

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Not for a very long time https://t.co/PC1QMQlLXt

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Add a few more zeros https://t.co/R4gWWRZr6l

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Haha. Sorry took so long. Hope you slept well https://t.co/k2oIN4Y8A2

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I had perms in the 80's. That was way too much work. https://t.co/IBiJ7mSCS2

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I don't mind being called Ma'am either. I totally understand it's a sign of respect. I use the term myself. https://t.co/RS8giiLD5b

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In my own mind https://t.co/nM8fcb1Cm9

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One that pays really really well https://t.co/P1JEJMn39C

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