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Spent my last day with my 98 year old Granny laughing at my brother, Glenn, trying to hula to entertain her. The sound of her giggling makes my heart sing.

kupunawahine #grandmother #aloha #ohanameansfamily #Ohana #CherishEveryMoment #ThingsThatMatterMost

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RT @poiplanet: bubbiesicecream date 🍦with #f4 + 1 aka our girl @kellyhu 💗 love our LA/HI Ohana 👊🏽 #grateful #family… https://t.co/UuB8ZT2540

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There was a time when I used to fall asleep in my grandmother's arms and now the roles have reversed.

Ohana #kupunawahine #OhanaLove #grandmother #CherishEveryMoment

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Trading kisses with my 98 year old Granny today. #OhanaLove #kupunawahine #Ohana

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Making floral offerings with my niece to the ocean for the loved ones we've lost. #Gratitude #Ohana #MakahaBeach #HawaiiSunset

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Watching the sun set in with my niece yesterday.

magicalmoment #HawaiiSunset #Gratitude #familytime #Ohana #ohanalove

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Special day with my beautiful niece, Kaila, in Makaha. First day ever spent with her alone. #magicalmoment #Filled #Gratitude #HawaiiSunset

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Getting back to my roots with my kumu hula @theekauila dancing to the music of my favorite Hawaiian entertainer and friend, @diva_iwa at the Waianae Civic Club luau.


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Everyday is #NationalDogDay for Mushu!

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Flash floods on vacay sucks but overflowing sewage systems contaminating the beaches is the worst! No surf/swim. Boo https://t.co/Nh5ocbbKQP

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