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I'm not telling https://t.co/yibr6pb6Q1

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If I already broke my lent sacrifice on day 2 will I go to hell??? #ISuckAtLent

about 20 hours ago 32 likes  0 comment  2 shares

About to take off to NYC to freeze my butt off for my bday! What was I thinking when I booked this??? https://t.co/40GY23Fd5o

about 20 hours ago 23 likes  0 comment  1 share

Easy. I don't eat red meat anyway! https://t.co/63TwhhbiI7

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Is this the day I'm supposed to give up something for 40 days? What would you give up for 40 days? Sugar? Alcohol? Sex?

1 day ago 41 likes  0 comment  5 shares

Happy #AshWednesday! Oh wait, is it supposed to be happy? Not happy? I dunno, I was never a good Catholic. #disappointmenttomymother

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Yes! It's my year! Monkeys Rule!!! https://t.co/qt4qvnIVsc

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RT @charlieboy808: @KellyHu right? #roosevelt #808represent!

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Neither. I was hoping for a good game https://t.co/NwkL4NiVev

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Well at least there was Bruno Mars

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