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Spending the first minutes of my birthday with gorgeous, amazing women @cindycowan1000 and Mrinalini. #HappyBirthdayToMe

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Hello New York!!!!!


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Not a fan of any team in any sport. Sorry https://t.co/A4oeRue29Q

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Well I'm not dead yet so there's still a possibility https://t.co/3VvLBvGExR

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Sure, if Ryan Gossling was a fan. https://t.co/XAtBSTHBYc

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Would love too! https://t.co/qjA2TQPf24

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I'm not telling https://t.co/yibr6pb6Q1

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If I already broke my lent sacrifice on day 2 will I go to hell??? #ISuckAtLent

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About to take off to NYC to freeze my butt off for my bday! What was I thinking when I booked this??? https://t.co/40GY23Fd5o

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