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Had a steak in Buenos Aires today. Don't usually eat red meat any more but it's been on my #BucketList for about 20 years! #CheckingThingsOffMyBucketList #ArgentinianBeef

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Sitting in the breakfast room of my hotel in Patagonia and "Pearly Shells" is playing thru the speakers. #HawaiianTunes #LittleBittaHome

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Why am I always starving exactly 1hour before lunch break? #WatchOut #YouDontWannaSeeMeHungry

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RT @Monkey_Pants: Cue the sweet theme music. @IamNickGonzalez,@KellyHu,@Vududaddy, @wendycalhoun,@WillingBlam, @AADaddario…

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RT @wendycalhoun: @Monkey_Pants @IamNickGonzalez @KellyHu @Vududaddy @WillingBlam @AADaddario Wow! So exciting. Go Team #BattlefieldHardl…

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RT @Vududaddy: .@Battlefield Look @KellyHu looking all types of bad ass.

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RT @Vududaddy: All about them virtual forearm and bicep muscles, ya dig? #BFHardline

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@MEFCC @CW_Arrow Yes I am!! Coming to @MEFCC, that is. I guess I could also me a fan of myself. Hee hee.

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RT @MEFCC: Are you a fan of @CW_Arrow ? Ms. China White @KellyHu is coming to Dubai for #MEFCC 😎✌️

We are super excited 👯…

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So hard at work in #Patagonia #ahhhhhh #YesIGetPaidForThis #SomebodysGottaDoIt

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