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8/12 Official Taiwan opening for “戀愛通告", "Love in Disguise" !

Why is it so hot here in Taipei? I'm almost melting. But look what I found in my email today!!

Dear Zoe,

Thursday 8/12 at 欣欣秀泰影城 is the official Taiwan opening for “戀愛通告", "Love in Disguise" ! 

Leehom has reserved a room for his friends’ private preview.  He would be honored if you came to show your support for this film, his directorial debut.

Please see the invitation in file attached. Please kindly RSVP by Tuesday, and look forward to seeing you.

Thanks and best regards,

Mindy Lee

Yay!! Looking forward to watching this movie! So, don't forget to show your support too and catch this movie when it shows in your country!!

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ha ha, you forgot to include the email so I can RSVP too! :-D
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Whaa!!羡慕你呀!! Enjoy and looking forward for happy reportヾ(*‘ω‘ )ノ
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haha this looks really funny! when does it come out? please send me a copy if they do have them on dvd later on. because i doubt it will be played over here in america. =[ now you have a reason to get all dressed up and go out ;] in the heat.... =P hahaha have a good time !
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jiaqi89 and YipingSG: The movie was awesome, you'll get to see the many faces of Leehom but still ever so handsome!! It should be showing in SG too! Go watch!!
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yeah told my mom to buy me a copy of the dvd when she is there =]
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